Personalised Consultation

We will walk you through the whole digitisation and Google Photos process from start to finish. Any questions you have will be answered by our memory specialists. We will help you organise and categorise your photos and videos on Google Photos.

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What we will do with you in the personalised consultation?

Review your media with a Memory Specialist

You will review analogue media with our Memory Specialist. We will do quality checking for potential issues, obtain permission to fix known breakages in tapes, identify physical or mould damage that may not allow digitisation.

Google Photos authentication

Google Photos authentication is to ensure your Google Account is linked to the order, allowing automated upload upon completion of digitisation; for USB flash drive only orders, this is not needed.

Customise title & date

We apply tracking barcodes to all media and customise the title and date for every item or photograph set, helping you find and organise the digitised media.


Complete payment calculation and transaction.

Memory Specialist