Your Privacy is Our Top Concern

Your family memories are some of your most personal an intimate moments with your loved ones, family and friends. We understand, not only how important they are to you, but also how sensitive and private they are. At Capture Hong Kong, we take your privacy seriously.

Our Promise to You

Handled With Care

Our Memory Specialists handle your analogue media with care throughout our digitisation process


Capture only has access to upload to Google Photos your digitised media, or provide upload to an USB flash drive


Our automation keeps your private memories safe and is never publically disclosed

Our Reliable Partner: Google Photos

work with google photos

Capture partners with Google Photos to allow our users the ability to more easily store and share their photos. To facilitate this partnership, we ask for your permission to only allow uploading your memories when you place an order with us, with the standard secure Google OAuth login portal. Capture does not have the ability to list, view, or remove existing Google Photo content.