We keep your media and memories secure

When you drop off your analogue media, you can be assured that it is in good hands. Unlike other digitisation services, your media will never leave our CEC and digitisation facility. We also go to great lengths to make sure that we handle your media safely and securely. And if there is ever a problem, we will contact you immediately.

Our Security Measures

Barcoded & Tracked

Your media is barcoded and tracked through the digitisation process so that we know where it is at all times until it is safely returned to you


We ensure that the media never leaves the premises for any purpose other than being returned to you at the completion of your order

24-Hour Monitoring

We have 24/7 security cameras monitoring our premises and the  digitisation process

Access Control

We have security access codes to ensure that only screened and trained memory specialists have access to your media

barcode tracking system

Barcode Tracking System

All media is labelled and tracked. It secures your privacy and digitisation of analogue media and ensures a complete return of them.

24-hour CCTV

24-hour Monitoring

From the minute your media arrives to the time you receive it, we track every single step of your order.