I’ve digitised my media. Now what?

4 October 2023 by
Yammy Kong

Congrats on taking a big step: doing the work and getting your memories digitised. Doesn’t it feel good to know your precious memories are protected–and can be easily enjoyed and shared forever? But, if you’re like many of us, you may not know what you want to do with these new digital files. Below are a few ideas that might spark you:

Share files with family and friends

family and friends

Here’s where the fun really starts. You can share your memories with just a couple of clicks, particularly if you have your memories in a powerful photo program like Google Photos. You can also email them, transfer them via USB drives, or pass them to others in any way that you do other computer files. For friends or relatives that aren’t big tech users, you can also order prints for them to pick up at their local Walmart or other photo printing resource.

Host a Viewing Party

The only thing more fun than enjoying your memories yourself is doing so with others. A viewing party is an ideal way to do just that. Gather friends and family together–or make it part of a holiday or other celebration. Consider who’ll be there. What sort of experience do you think they’d prefer? Does it make sense to have memories playing while everyone mingles and chats? Or would everyone rather hunker down together and really focus on them?

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Up your gifting game

From the tried-and-true (for a reason, people love and use them every day) calendars and mugs to photo statuettes, custom bobble head dolls, custom reel viewers and more, there are photo gifts galore these days. If you can think it, it’s likely something you can give. 

Personal Podcast

Artefact turns one’s stories and memories into a 20-min personal podcast. Having memories in digital format is helpful to enriching the process, both to jog the memory of specific memories and dates and times. They can also be incorporated into a custom webpage that’ll host the podcast files–along with images.

Cover Books

cover book

StoryTerrace transforms personal stories into beautiful hard cover books with the help of a professional writer. From the cover, to the images inside the book, photos compliment the words to bring the stories to life.

Digital Photo Frames

Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames are a favourite. They are a great way to show off your memories in a small footprint. There are lots of options with features and price points to suit every desire and budget. Many let you add and delete new photos, and even videos, from anywhere via the internet, perfect for keeping the grandparents up on the latest happenings with their loved ones.

Make a memory wall

Now that you have digital files of your photos, you can easily create a space in your home that allows you to enjoy and relive those memories again and again. Photo gallery walls come in all design styles to suit the feel of your vision and home.

Looking for advice? Designer Emily Henderson has a No-Fail Gallery Wall Formula gallery to get you off on the right foot. Gallery walls can be equally impactful in every decor–from an ultra- modern loft to a country farmhouse. And you can decide what goes where as you’re hanging your frames or take a more measured approach. Large-size photo printing companies, like Walmart, make it easy to get everything you need in one place.

Store your physical memories safely

acid-free album

Think of a spot that you as a person would like to spend time in your house. One where the temp is pretty even, a spot that is protected from the elements. While time alone will damage physical memories like photos, film, and CDs or DVDs, exposure to the elements speeds up the process.

In addition, what you store your photos in is equally important. Albums can damage photos, particularly if they are of the "magnetic" or “peel-and-stick” variety, due to the plastic and glue in their materials. If you do decide to use a commercially available photo album, look for one labelled ”archival” or "acid-free." 

We are here to help!

We’re so excited for you to enjoy your memories! If you have any questions, we’re here to help.

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