What 8mm Film Projector to Buy in 2024 to Watch Old Home Movies

18 March 2024 by
Anna Lam

If you want to watch or share your old home movies captured on standard 8mm or Super 8mm film, then you need a good projector. Unfortunately, finding a durable, budget-friendly video projector in 2024 is not as easy as it was in the 60s, 70s, and 80s when film reels were more popular.

While we believe that preserving your precious home videos as digital heirlooms for future generations to enjoy and cherish is the best option for your memories, we also know how cool it can be to view 8mm film on a projector as originally intended.

That’s why Capture’s analogue media experts researched and compiled the absolute best 8mm film projectors still on the market in 2024 by comparing film reel compatibility, ease of use, durability, availability, quality, and more.

Keep reading to learn all about the top 8mm projectors in 2024 so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Quick List of the Top 11 Film Projectors

  • Elmo ST 1200 Super 8 Projector
  • Bell and Howell 10MS 8mm Dual Movie Projector
  • Chinon SS1200 Super 8 Movie Projector
  • Sankyo 800 Stereo
  • GAF Dual 8mm Super 8 Movie Projector Type II
  • Kodak Instamatic 8mm and Super 8 Film Projector
  • Revere Model 85 Cine Film Projector
  • Eumig Mark 610D Projector
  • Bolex Paillard 18-5 L Super 8mm Movie Projector
  • Argus Showmaster 500 8mm Film Movie Projector
  • Dejur Model 750

How We Chose the Best 8mm Film Projectors

While we admit there may be some slight bias based on nostalgia and preference, we used several criteria to ensure the most objective list of 8mm projectors for you to choose from. These are the main factors we considered when selecting the best retro film projectors for your film.

1. Compatibility

While all 8mm film projectors will work for 8mm film, we had to consider the compatibility with Super 8mm film, film camera slides, 16mm film, and other formats. Plus, the size of old film reels played a hand as well, because not all film projectors work with the smallest and largest reel sizes.

2. Ease of Use and Maintenance

We didn’t want you to decide on a projector just to have difficulty using it, which is why we made sure to consider ease of use when determining the best film projectors. We also considered how easy maintenance, cleaning, and part replacement were for each projector on the list.

3. Durability and Build Quality

The best projectors are long-lasting and well-built for good durability. This is a huge consideration since most 8mm film projectors you can buy these days are used, refurbished, and vintage. Plus, it’s sometimes hard to find new parts, adapters, and components, so having one that doesn’t break down is a major concern.

4. Image and Sound Quality

If the projector makes your 8mm film look blurry, out of focus, discoloured, small, or otherwise causes poor image quality, then we knocked it off our potential list. In addition, since some 8mm film has audio using a film strip next to the sprockets, we considered sound compatibility and quality.

5. Availability

If you cannot really find a projector then there isn’t much use in adding it to our list, so we only chose options that were both available and easy to purchase online. Plus, we considered the price of projectors as well because availability doesn’t mean much for rare retro projectors that cost 10 thousands of dollars.

Top 11 Best 8mm Film Projectors in 2024

1. Elmo ST 1200 Super 8 Projector

This Super 8mm projector has high-quality sound capabilities, the ability to read two tracks, an easy-to-use lens holder, and a reel capacity of up to 360-meter reels (1200 feet). It can project motion picture forward, reverse, and still frames and is available for a pretty good price of around HK$1500 on eBay. The one issue is that it will only play Super 8mm film, so if you have standard 8mm film then you will have to check out other options on our list.

Elmo ST 1200 Super 8 Projector
  • Easy to use and maintain with replacement parts available online
  • Good mono sound quality
  • High reel capacity up to 1200 feet
  • Forward, reverse, and still capability
  • Not compatible with standard 8mm film

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2. Bell and Howell 10MS 8mm Dual Movie Projector

Bell and Howell 10MS 8mm Dual Movie Projector

This Bell and Howell 8mm projector may be old, but it’s a classic that still holds up with a durable design built to last. Plus, you can sometimes find them online for around HK$800, which is a steal for a historical device that can play both Super 8mm and standard 8mm film reels. The reel capacity is only 400 feet though, so if you have reels bigger than 6 inches, you need to choose another film projector for your home movies. 

  • Compatible with both standard and Super 8mm film
  • Good image quality
  • Very durable
  • 400 feet reel capacity
  • No movie film still frame option available

3. Chinon SS1200 Super 8 Movie Projector

Another Super 8 movie projector that’s very affordable and offers decent image quality is the Chinon SS1200. It looks modern and has tons of settings to perfect your movie picture, which makes it perfect for family gatherings. However, it isn’t as durable as other options on this list because it is made mostly of plastic. It’s also a little more difficult to use than others.

Chinon SS1200 Super 8 Movie Projector
  • Affordable
  • Good image quality and settings
  • Modern appearance
  • Not very durable
  • Difficult to clean and maintain

4. Sankyo 800 Stereo

Sankyo 800 Stereo

Released in 1978, this projector holds up for its magnificent design and both 8mm and Super 8mm capability. While a little bulkier than their older Dualux models, the knobs are durable and easy to adjust for good image quality and the light output is better than most. Plus, the sound quality is as good as it gets with sound dubbing, mixing, and track-to-track transfer options available. The main complaint is that it’s a little hard to find in good condition and may cost you around HK$3500.

  • Easy to use with great function knobs
  • Fantastic sound and image quality
  • Good projector lamp output
  • Super 8 and standard 8mm compatible
  • Hard to find
  • Often costs more than other options on this list

5. GAF Dual 8mm Super 8 Movie Projector Type II

This option is popular because it’s lightweight and easy to use with autoload, which makes it a good choice for people who don’t know how to play an 8mm film on an 8mm projector. The image quality isn’t superb, but it’s good enough for showing to the family and is available for a good price with used options available on Amazon and elsewhere with a checkout price of around HK$1500.

GAF Dual 8mm Super 8 Movie Projector Type II
  • Works with both Super 8 and standard 8mm film
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Great availability around the web
  • Not the greatest image quality
  • No sound option in some GAF models

6. Kodak Instamatic 8mm and Super 8 Film Projector

Kodak Instamatic 8mm and Super 8 Film Projector

If you want a vintage look for your retro home movies, then this option is fantastic with a vinyl woodgrain finish and satin black case. It has forward, reverse, and still projection options and a handle for easy portability. It is a little difficult to load film, but the projector lamp bulb is easy to replace and it is very durable. Plus, you can get it for around HK$600 to HK$1000 on Etsy or eBay.

  • Great vintage appearance
  • Affordable price
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Super 8 and 8mm compatible
  • Difficult to use
  • Harder to find than some other options

7. Revere Model 85 Cine Film Projector

This 8mm film projector may seem outdated because it doesn’t offer more advanced features like keystone correction and autoload, but it’s about as durable as you can get and affordable with some sellers offering it for as little as $300-400. However, while the image quality is excellent, these older models do not offer sound. Still, for a retro family home movie experience, you can’t do much better at this price point.

Revere Model 85 Cine Film Projector
  • Very affordable
  • Very durable
  • Good image quality
  • Not Super 8 mm film compatible
  • No sound capability or other advanced features

8. Eumig Mark 610D Projector

Eumig Mark 610D Projector

For exceptional performance and image quality at up to 18 fps and variable speed settings, this projector is as good as you can get without transferring to digital video using professional services or a Wolverine MovieMaker or other digitisation device. It plays both standard 8mm and Super 8mm film with a reel capacity of up to 400 feet. Plus, it offers autoload threading, although the manual format change is a little outdated.

  • Durable design
  • Variable speed settings up to 18 fps
  • Superb image quality
  • Projects both standard and Super 8mm
  • Reel capacity of 400 feet
  • Manual format change

9. Bolex Paillard 18-5 L Super 8mm Movie ProjectorImage Sour

This Super 8mm offers exceptional brightness and sharpness using a fully automatic threading system for easy operation. Plus, it’s very sturdy and offers flicker-free slow-motion settings. The design looks a little outdated without looking vintage, but the Swiss manufacturing design is durable and easy to operate so you can view your home movies.

Bolex Paillard 18-5 L Super 8mm Movie ProjectorImage Sour
  • Sharp, bright image quality
  • Easy operation using an automatic threading system
  • Sturdy Swiss design
  • Not standard 8mm compatible
  • Outdated appearance

10. Argus Showmaster 500 8mm Film Movie Projector

Argus Showmaster 500 8mm Film Movie Projector

This autoload projector is cheap and available, which makes it a good option if you need a projector fast. Plus, it’s easy to set up and operate even if you’ve never used a film projector before. With good focus settings, auto load options, a multiscope lens to easily change picture size, variable speed control, and a film trimmer for splicing and editing, this device offers it all for a low price.

  • Lots of special offers and features including a film trimmer, multiscope lens, and more
  • Cheap for as little as $150 online at the time of writing
  • Good image quality with easy-to-use focus settings
  • Not as durable as other options
  • Won’t work for Super 8 film

11. Dejur Model 750

This antique option deserves mention just because of the simple design, durable metal construction, and cool switches. Plus, it works great for 8mm film with a bright projector lamp, easy maintenance, and comes with an awesome carrying case. It’s not as available as some of the newer options so you may have to spend more for this 8mm film projector for sale.

Dejur Model 750
  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Bright projector lamp

  • A little more expensive than other older options
  • Not Super 8 compatible

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