Capture accompanies you in digitisation, using Google Photos to record your journey of growth

29 December 2023 by
Anna Lam

Google Photos™ has rolled out a major upgrade of features and services. We couldn’t be more honoured that they have chosen us to be part of their digitising solution. Our expert digitisers here at Capture will start working to create digital copies of your precious physical video and photo memories—and put them right in your Google Photos Library. Suddenly, your Google Photos Library becomes a record of your entire life. Not just since the mid-2000s when cameras became common on mobile phones, but from the very beginning. You can even start “your” story with images and videos of those who came before you. See what we can digitise.

“This is incredibly rewarding for all of us at Capture. We share Google’s mission to help people bring all of their memories together in one safe place and, in doing so, make them easy to enjoy today and easily share. We have a long history of working behind the scenes with Google on this mission. We are excited to be working with them as they pilot these new services and extend across all Google Photos users,” said Lisa McCabe, CEO of Capture.

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Benefits of Digitising

Many people aren’t aware that their physical photo and video memories degrade with time, even if they are stored carefully in a low-humidity spot away from significant temperature changes. Digitising makes digital files that work on today’s cell phones, tablets, computers, and other modern technology. 

In addition to preserving your memories, digitising makes your memories easy to enjoy and share. Not only can you send the digital files themselves, you can also create gifts or edit the memories to use in other creative ways. Digitisation not only protects your memories from degradation but also enables effortless sharing and editing with your loved ones.

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