What Can Google Lens Do For Us?

27 July 2022 by
Apryl Zhang

Google Lens is the most useful tool you never knew you needed. Conveniently integrated into Google Photos, Google Lens is able to quickly identify objects in your pictures and present numerous types of information about it. It is easy to use and can help with organisation in your Google Photos app.

It works as a visual search engine, using artificial intelligence to scan images, display information and perform tasks. For example, if there’s a building in the photograph, whether it’s a landmark or restaurant, Google Lens will be able to scan it, then recognise and present information and details on it. It will show you opening and closing times, the way to get there and even the history behind the building.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg - Google Lens has so many more features. It also translates text, allows you to shop, search for things around you - the list goes on.

Here’s a quick description of some of Google Lens’ cool features:

  • Text Selection: If you have photos of documents or text, you can highlight which area you want Google Lens to scan. It will scan your text, then you have a choice of actions depending on what you scan:
    • Copy text: copy then paste the text into your notes or a document
    • Copy to computer: send the text to your laptop
    • Search: search for whatever is shown in the image 
    • Listen: Google Lens will read the text out loud to you
    • Translate: translate text into your preferred language
    • Call: if you’ve scanned a phone number, Google Photos will give you an option to call the number
  • Shopping: Google Lens can identify an item of clothing in a picture. Once it has scanned the item, it will show you that piece of clothing and similar items. You then have the option to purchase the item.
  • Translation: If you have a picture of a piece of text in a different language - Google will translate it for you. Harnessing the power of Google Translate, you have access to over 100 languages, making it very easy to translate text on any picture you have. 

How to use Google Lens: 

  1. Open up your Google Photos app and tap on ‘Photos’ in the bottom left corner
  2. Select the photo you want to use Google Lens on and tap on it to open it up
  3. On the bottom navigation bar, you will see the Google Lens icon (the third icon in the row)
  4. Tap on the icon and Google Lens will immediately start scanning your image
  5. Once it is finished, a page will pop up displaying the results of the Google search
Google Lens

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