Capture.HK X CityU: Breaking Into the Hong Kong Market

24 June 2022 by
Apryl Zhang

CityU market research helps Capture.HK engage with market trends

Market research is critical for companies to take seriously before entering any consumer market as often there can be a lot of misconceptions about consumer behaviour, taking norms from country to country. Done correctly, the research can give insights into your “product market fit”, your customer needs, determine the right products to go to market, tailor the marketing messaging and help engage with the community.

01-CityU Market Research Team

How do we start from zero in Hong Kong?

Here at Capture.HK, we specialise in the digitisation of old media and the preservation of memories. Over the past 20 years we have helped more than 12 million families in the USA, Canada and Japan revive, protect and share their treasured moments.As we prepared to enter the Hong Kong market, we worked with students from City University of Hong Kong to get their creative perspectives on how best to approach our launch. The project provided final year marketing students with the opportunity to solve real-life issues for different companies. As we were not familiar with the Hong Kong market, we wanted to make sure that we conducted enough research to ensure that we had the data to facilitate a successful marketing launch campaign and sustained engagement with the Hong Kong consumer. 

A step-by-step approach to Hong Kong’s market with the help of CityU:

Over the course of four months, we worked with three teams of talented students who helped us identify market trends. The groups focused on different age ranges and worked to create targeted marketing proposals, moulded by the data insights through conducting market research, holding focus group interviews and distributing questionnaires between the age groups. Over 1000 people responded to the different questionnaires, allowing the teams to gain a comprehensive overview of the market segmentation. Once all the data had been collected, the groups each presented their findings alongside their year-long marketing plan to Capture.HK. Recommendations from CityU students included both offline solutions like mobile vehicle advertising, pop-up stores and promotional suggestions for customers. 

02-CityU Market Research Team

Adjusting ourselves to the Hong Kong market with a "Data is king" mindset:​

With our US business, customers had a very similar buying habit and pattern but it was a different story when we explored the Hong Kong market. After seeing the data from CityU’s report, we realised that we had to adopt our broader marketing strategies in order to appeal to customers in Hong Kong as they have different needs. 

Students at City University of Hong Kong helped us make important breakthroughs in our Hong Kong market research, applying both quantitative and qualitative methods to the collection of data. We discovered that the three different age groups they researched (30-50, 50-65, and 60 plus), had very different attitudes to digitisation services, hence we will be looking to tailor our marketing strategies to suit each age group. 

03-CityU Market Research Team

The majority of participants did not know there were professional services available for media digitisation. Results also showed older consumers expressed the need for a digitisation service as they have the most old media, however many are reluctant to try a new service as they do not know how the technology works and there is a need to educate the public on our secure, safe and reliable digitisation process. We also realised that more than 50% of the 30-50 year old age group would attempt to digitise their own media using their own smartphones even though it is inconvenient. Alongside this, using a smartphone does not provide consistently high quality images due to glare and it takes a large amount of time. 


The data collected by the three teams has given us an invaluable insight into the Hong Kong market. We would like to thank the Marketing faculty as well as students at City University of Hong Kong for their contribution to the launch of Capture.HK and the huge amount of effort that went into successfully completing their consultancy projects. It was very enjoyable working with such an energetic and passionate group of students and they should look forward to us deploying their ideas in our marketing efforts soon.

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