Capture.HK Introduces The Frame, the First Digital Photo Frame Personalised with Artificial Intelligence

Innovative and personal - Transform your analogue photo albums into a modern and meaningful gift for your parents and friends
12 December 2023 by
Daisy Wong

Dec 7 2023, Hong Kong - Capture Hong Kong, the leading service provider of analogue media digitisation, is launching its first digital photo frame, dubbed The Frame. It is the first digital frame of its kind to be paired with Capture.HK’s digitisation service and personalised with artificial intelligence. By using AI-based facial recognition, Capture.HK is able to personalise The Frame to an individual.  As an example, for the holidays, a son or daughter can gift a frame to their mother preloaded with digitised analogue photos of their mother. This unique offering is the first in the world and is provided as an end-to-end service.

Made Possible with AI

The Frame is made possible by harnessing the speed and efficiency of Artificial intelligence. Capture.HK's AI technology can now scan entire albums in high quality and extract just the most important parts of a photo album, cropping out hundreds of individual images. Customers no longer have to manually remove each photo and scan them which was prohibitively time-consuming. In addition, after the photos have been scanned, through advanced algorithms and machine learning, Capture.HK analyses and modernises each image, effectively bringing faded and yellowed photos back to the present day.

Ultimate Personalisation

The Frame can also be personalised with AI-based facial recognition currently in two Collection types.

Star Collection - all of the digitised photos that contain a person or ‘starred’ by the customer are preloaded onto the frame.

Album Collection - all the photos digitised in the customer's order are preloaded onto the frame. 

The Frame automatically displays the photos in a slideshow that can be customised, and photos can be added and subtracted from the slideshow easily from an on-screen touch menu.

The Frame, the Perfect Gift

The Frame

A digital frame is an ideal gift as an expression of gratitude or to celebrate moments like these:

  • Milestone Birthdays: Celebrate your parents' or grandparents' 60th, 70th, 80th, or even more senior birthdays with a gift that encapsulates a lifetime of memories.
  • Wedding Anniversaries: Mark the 40th, 50th, or subsequent anniversaries by gifting a digital frame, perfect for showcasing the journey of a lifetime together.
  • Mother's and Father's Day: Show appreciation for your parents on Mother's and Father's Day, thanking them for their support and love through a collection of cherished family moments.
  • Weddings: Honour your past and the union of two individuals’ histories coming together.
  • Graduations: Celebrate this significant life milestone by showing how you got there.

In these and many other occasions, a digital frame serves as a beautiful reminder of life's most precious moments.

“Our customers have been asking us for a way to gift the joy of unlocking their precious memories," said Jason Law, Capture.HK’s Chief Product Officer. “We designed The Frame as the most meaningful and personalised gift to celebrate special occasions like a birthday, anniversary, or a wedding.”

The Frame Bundle Pricing, Timing and Delivery


To celebrate the launch of The Frame, Capture.HK is releasing The Frame Bundle for HK$988 which includes The Frame, The Bag with a free at-home pick-up of your photo albums, and the digitisation service for the first photo album. The Frame Bundle is valued at HK$1,738. The Frame Bundle is available in time for the holidays as a one-of-a-kind gift. It can be ordered online at or in-person at the Capture Experience Centre located at 10/F, Sea Bird House, 22-28 Wyndham St., Central.

About The Frame

The Frame is a cutting-edge 10.1-inch touchscreen photo display that brings your cherished memories to life in stunning HD.  It has a sleek design with a modern 2.5D edge glass surface. It offers 16GB of internal storage, expandable through a micro SD slot, and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity with dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps, enabling friends and family to remotely load their photographs at any time. With intuitive on-screen menus and organisation features, The Frame offers a seamless and enjoyable way to navigate your photo library, create slideshows, and customise settings. It's more than just a photo display; it's a gateway to nostalgia and connection.


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