Capture.HK Launches The Frame Bundle for Chinese New Year to Help the 3 Million Households in Hong Kong with Spring Cleaning Day

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25 January 2024 by
Daisy Wong

Jan 23 2024, Hong Kong - Capture Hong Kong, the most advanced analogue media digitisation company, is thrilled to announce the launch of a special limited edition The Frame Bundle for Chinese New Year. This exclusive offering aims to assist the 3 million households in Hong Kong during the traditional Spring Cleaning Day by providing a convenient solution for preserving and digitising cherished memories.

Simplifies Spring Cleaning with Capture.HK’s Services

With the arrival of Spring Cleaning, it is the perfect time to declutter and organise your home, including those stacks of albums hidden away in closets. By digitising your albums, you not only help to organise them but also ensure that these memories are preserved for future generations. Capture.HK offers a comprehensive solution for digitisation, allowing families to transform their physical photo albums into digital format, making it easier to access, share, and cherish these memories for years to come.

Capturing the Market

Based on a market research conducted by Capture.HK, surveying 1500 customers over the past month. It has been revealed that there is a substantial market opportunity worth approximately $250 million USD for the digitisation of photo albums. It was discovered that the average Hong Kong family possesses 10 photo albums, each containing an average of 84 photos. 

"With this data in mind, Capture.HK estimates that approximately 1.2 million individuals will digitise their cherished memories over the next 10 years. These findings underline the growing demand for digitisation services and highlight the immense potential for Capture.HK to cater to this market, offering a valuable solution for preserving and safeguarding precious memories," said Michael Chang, the CEO of Capture.HK.

The Chinese New Year Frame Bundle

The Frame Bundle simplifies the process, allowing you to effortlessly digitise your photo albums and enjoy the convenience of viewing up to 16,000 digitised photos, all in one place. Priced at HK$888, this comprehensive bundle offers exceptional value for capturing and reliving your cherished moments.

The Frame Bundle Includes:

  • The Frame: A digital frame that stores all your digitised memories.
  • The Bag: Simply place all of your photo albums inside The Bag and schedule a free at-home pick-up. Our courier will collect The Bag and deliver it to Capture.HK.

The First Photo Album Digitisation: Capture.HK includes complimentary digitisation for one album containing up to 200 photos.

Meet Capture.HK at the Discovery Bay Chinese New Year Market 

Capture.HK offers easy access for customers to explore our services and products. You can visit our Capture Experience Centre in Central or find us online. Additionally, don't miss the opportunity to find us at the Discovery Bay Chinese New Year Market on February 4, 2024, from 11am to 6 pm.

Join us as we celebrate this festive occasion.


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*This article is brought to you by Capture HK.

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