40 Gift Ideas in 2024 - Personalised & Unique Photo Gifts for Him

17 December 2023 by
Anna Lam

The best gift ideas are memorable, personal, and meaningful, but sometimes those types of presents are very hard to think of on your own. That’s okay because we put together this list of great photo gifts for him that he’s sure to love. 

Capture has been preserving memories and giving the gift of digital memories for over 20 years, so we know a thing or two about memorable photo gifts. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Father’s Day, or any other special occasion, our list of 40 photo gift ideas will help you choose the best option to create new, lasting memories.

Keep reading to learn about photo gift categories like everyday essentials, home décor fashion, and personalised keepsakes including customised key chains, photo prints, smartphone cases, puzzles, engraved watches, and much more.

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Category 1: Everyday Essentials

If you want personalised photo gifts for him, but also want to give him something that he’ll use almost every day, these options might include the perfect gift.

1. Personalised Photo Mugs

If your special man likes to drink coffee or tea, then having a precious photo memory on a coffee mug might be a good choice. Photo mugs for him ensure he thinks about you with every sip!


2. Engraved Photo Keychains

Photo keychains for him can control all his keyrings, but it’s not only a useful gift. It’s also one of the most affordable options on our list.

3. Custom Photo T-shirts

T-shirts with pictures of families, couples, and favourite photos are a wonderful gift that’s 100% unique. Now you just have to organise your photo collection to find the perfect photo for the perfect gift. 

4. Photo Mousepads

If you need a gift idea for a boyfriend, husband, or father who works too much, you can make sure they think about you in the office with a personalised photo mousepad.

Category 2: Ho​me and Déco​r

Lots of men lack decoration at home, so these unique personalised gifts might be a great way to spruce it up while also offering a memorable gift that says, “I love you.”

5. Photo Collage Posters

Photo collage posters can include tons of your favourite photos. You can make one yourself out of physical photos or you can digitise your photo albums and have a company make the wall art for you.

6. Custom Photo Canvas Prints

Canvas prints make fantastic anniversary gifts because they are high-quality acrylic prints on canvas that bring your photo to life. It’s perfect for decorating an office, bedroom, living room, or anywhere else.


7. Personalised photo desk organisers

You can personalise a desk organiser not only with a favourite photo, but also with monograms, etchings, and more. 

8. Custom photo coasters

Photo coasters for him not only ensure that glassware, water bottles, or whiskey glasses don’t leave behind rings, but they also ensure he thinks about you every time he uses them.  

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Category 3: Accessories ​and Fashion

If you want a stylish gift that’s also personal, these fashionable and unique photo gifts for men might be a great choice. 

9. Photo Engraved Wallets

You can have a leather wallet engraved with a photo as well as meaningful words for a special, but useful, photo gift for him. Plus, you can include other wallet-sized photos inside!  

10. Custom Photo Phone Cases

There are tons of best-selling photo smartphone cases for him so you can find one that not only fits his phone, but also fits his style and personality.


11. Photo Engraved Cufflinks

If you need a wedding gift for groomsmen, then photo engraved cufflinks just might be the best option. They’ll get to use it at the wedding, and it also adds a meaningful touch to show them how you feel. 

12. Personalised Photo Watches

Photo watches are great Valentine’s Day gifts not only for him, but for her too! Plus, if you get a stainless steel one you might be able to engrave a message on the back in addition to the photo on the front.

Category 4: Leisure and Hobbies

If your loved one would rather be doing something than looking at something, then check out these hobby photo gifts for him. 

13. Photo Puzzles

Photo puzzles are some of the best-personalised gifts because they create bonding time and new memories for you and your loved one as you put together a favourite photo to talk and laugh about.

14. Personalised Photo Calendars

If you can’t decide on which photo to choose to preserve your memories, then photo calendars for men let you choose 12 or more. 


15. Custom Photo Playing Cards

Want to tell your man he’s your King? Put his photo on the cards and then play your favourite card game with him to create new precious memories. 

16. Photo Picnic Tote

If your loved one loves the great outdoors, then a photo picnic or camping tote might be a fantastic choice. You can include some other gear for a fantastic picnic as well, including food, silverware, wine glasses, and anything else!

Category 5: Personalised Keepsakes

Some of the best personalised gifts for men are keepsakes that he can cherish for the rest of his life, so we included a few options to keep in mind! 

17. Photo Engraved Dog Tag Necklaces

Stainless steel dog tag necklaces with photos engraved on them make great birthday gifts. You can also include a message, special date, or symbol of your love. 

18. Personalised Photo Books

This customised gift allows you to not only include several photos, but you can also add your own messages, poems, and memories. You can even include a DVD in the sleeve that includes all your loved one’s favourite home movies in digital format. 

19. Custom Photo Blankets

Photo blankets for men are great Christmas gifts because they can keep him warm throughout the Winter. You can include one large photo or several small photos for a memorable and comforting present.

20. Photo Scrapbook

If you want to do more than just photo books for him, then learning how to scrapbook could be a good option so that you can include photos, memories, stories, poems, nostalgia, and anything else for a memorable keepsake.


Additional Unique Photo Gifts

While we’ve already included 20 of our favourite engraved photo gifts for him, we included 20 more in all categories to make sure you find a great gift in no time. 

21. Custom Photo Etched Pint Glasses

A lot of men’s gifts are related to barware, so we figured we’d include etched pint beer glasses, tumblers, and beer mugs on our list. If you want to make it extra special, throw in a 6 pack of his favourite beer! 

22. Personalised Photo Guitar Pick

For all the men who play guitar (or other stringed instruments), a personalised photo guitar pick might just be the perfect gift. 

23. Photo-Engraved Pocketknife

For campers and outdoor enthusiasts, a pocketknife is a necessity. You can add a photo to a pocket knife to make it extra special. 

24. Custom Photo Whiskey Stones

Custom photo whisky stones are not only awesome, but they keep his drink cool and his heart warm. You can also include an engraved whiskey glass for an extra special birthday or Father’s Day gift. 

25. Personalised Photo Puzzle Cube

Personalised puzzle cubes are similar to the great 80s trend, the Rubik’s Cube. The difference is that they are personalised with your favourite family photos. 

26. Digital Photo Library

If your special man has tons of physical photos, polaroid pictures, and photo prints, then simply digitising photos to create an online photo library or special DVD copy can be a wonderful gift that preserves their legacy. 

27. Custom Photo Socks

Custom photo socks make a good wedding gift because they prevent cold feet, but they are also great gifts for anyone because they’re comforting and personalised. 

28. Personalised Photo Magnet

There are tons of options for photo magnets for him so you can get him different styles, designs, shapes, and sizes that he can stick all over his fridge or anywhere else.

29. Photo Engraved Zippo Lighter

Zippo lighters make good gifts, but photo engraved Zippo lighters make great gifts for him. Whether the photo you choose is humorous or sentimental, it will be sure to light up his life.

luggage tag

30. Custom Photo Luggage Tags

Are you tired of your boyfriend or dad losing luggage? Customised photo luggage tags will prevent that from happening and keep them thinking of you while travelling.

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31. Personalised Photo Bottle Opener

A photo bottle opener is a lot of fun and very affordable, making it a great photo gift for him if you’re on a budget and you can scan photo negatives to create digital copies that a company can put on the bottle opener for you.

32. BBQ Gear

If your special guy likes to cook or BBQ, you might want to consider photo mittens, photo aprons, photo cutting boards, and all sorts of other photo and engraved gear. 

33. Custom Photo Watch Box

Watch boxes make fantastic gifts. They are luxurious and make great retirement or Father’s Day gifts, especially when they contain a favourite photo. 

34. Personalised Photo Cigar Humidor

For men who smoke cigars, a humidor personalised with a photo makes a wonderful gift. Try including their favourite cigars as well. 

35. Photo Engraved Money Clip

Another great functional gift for men that you can personalise with your favourite photo memories is a money clip. 

36. Custom Photo Tie

Photo ties come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Some include a photo on the back so your loved one can see his family anytime he wants while others display a collage of photos on the front for the whole world to enjoy. 

37. Personalised Photo Car Air Freshener

Want to keep your man’s car smelling fresh without a tacky air freshener? Get him a personalised photo air freshener so he can look at it every time he drives (hopefully not while driving too much though). 

38. Photo Engraved Leather Bracelet

Photo engraved leather bracelets or necklaces are really cool because you can include charms, messages, photos, and so much more to match your dad’s, husband’s, friend’s, grandpa’s, or anyone else’s style. 

39. Custom Photo Flip-Flops

Design flip-flops with your favourite photo memories and messages. One idea is to put your photo on one flip-flop and your beloved man’s photo on the other!

40. Personalised Photo Wine Bottle Stopper

A photo wine stopper is a great gift for those who love sharing a bottle of wine. They come in all sorts of shapes and materials including laser engraved acrylic, stainless steel, and much more.

Digitise Before ​Gi​fting!

There are tons of options if you are looking for photo gifts for dad, husband, grandpa, brother, son, boyfriend or any other man in your life. Whether you want to choose everyday photo gifts for him, decorations, accessories, puzzles, or keepsakes, there are plenty of options from keychains to photo collages, mousepads to beer glasses and phone cases, you’re sure to find the perfect gift. 

Many of these gifts require you to create digital copies of your photo slides, prints, negatives, and memories. It’s important to choose the best service to make sure your memories are protected throughout the digitisation process. Click here to learn why Capture is a great option! 

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