【Christmas Gift Recommendations】4 Categories of Gifts: Give Unique and Memorable Gifts to Create Beautiful Memories

29 December 2023 by
Anna Lam

There’s an increasing pile of research out there that suggests that spending money on experiences, not things, makes most of us most happy. So how do you incorporate that into your gift giving? We’ve got you.

We’ve searched online and off to find unique gifts that are all about making and sharing memories together with those you love. We’ve also asked Capture employees about the gifts they’ve given and received that have made a big impression. We hope you have as much fun enjoying these as we’ve had seeking them out. 

From all of us to all of you, our very best wishes for happy, healthy, and safe celebrations this holiday season.

Cooking and Entertaining

Nothing makes memories like good food and drink with great friends and family.

automatic pan stirrer

Automatic Pan Stirrer

cheese making kit

Cheese Making Kit

kabob Baskets

Kabob Baskets

cocktail subscription

Cocktail Subscription

idea-inspiring cookbook

Idea-inspiring Cookbook

backyard pizza oven

Backyard Pizza Oven

Anna: "Someone put together a sushi making kit for me with everything you need to make homemade sushi! They even included a small fan for cooling the sushi rice. The attention to detail was so thoughtful and I still use it years later!"

Photo Gifts

You can’t get more personal and meaningful than photo-based gifts. The options are endless. Here are some of our favourites:

photo flashlight

Photo Flashlight


Pet + People Portrait

digital photo frame

Digital Photo Frame

most-loved picks

Most-loved Picks

photography class

Photography Class

Lisa: "Every year, my husband collects the family photos we captured that year and creates a photo calendar. It connects us with our family that lives far away by sharing what we’ve been up to. It’s now a much anticipated and appreciated annual tradition."

The Ultimate Gift for Cherished Memories

Capture The Frame

Learn More

Divine DIYs

If you’ve got the urge to get a little hands on, a DIY gift is always appreciated. Here are a few to get your creative juices flowing:

cornhole game

Cornhole Game

felted rose

Felted Rose Stems

spa pedicure in a jar

Spa Pedicure in a Jar

mini mug topper

Mini Gingerbread Mug Topper

map coasters

Map Coasters

picture frame luminaries

Picture Frame Luminaries

Cam: “The people I work with are foodies, so one year I did DIY 'Mini-Mergency Snak-Paks.' I filled a cute hanging pouch with each person’s favourite snacks and hung it at their desk.”

Travel & Adventure

Whether it’s a quick adventure just down the road or a schlep across the globe, the right gear can help fuel the fun.

outdoor blanket

Cosy Outdoor Blankets

travel plug

Super-handy Travel Plug

travel pillow

Unusual Travel Pillow



headphone adapter

Wireless Headphone Adapter

water bottle

Water-filtering Bottle

Bo: "My wife bought me an Alexa mobile and now every time we travel we can say things like 'Alexa play Alan Jackson' and listen to our favourite music together."

Fun At Hom​e

Staying in (or hanging out outside together) can bring about some of the best times.


Cocktail Subscription Box

conversation sparkers

Conversation Sparkers

interactive games

Interactive Games

fire pit

Fire Pit


Astronomy Binoculars


Photo/Video Projector

Shelby: "I started reading the Harry Potter series a few times as a kid, but never finished. Nearly two decades later, my husband surprised me with a beautiful hardback set to keep forever. I finally finished reading the series! And I know we will read these with our kids one day.” 

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