Creating a Memory Wall (Spoiler Alert: It’s Easier Than You Think!)

18 September 2023 by
Yammy Kong

A gallery wall is a great way to add a personal touch to your home. While it may seem daunting to some of us, with a bit of guidance and a “measure twice, make holes once” approach, it’s actually quite simple. Most importantly, it’s very rewarding when it’s done and you get to enjoy your photo memories every single day! 

1. Evaluate Your Space

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It’s not just the largest walls in your home—though those can certainly make excellent gallery walls—that are up for play when it comes to creating a gallery wall. Stairways, hallways, dining rooms, nooks, even bathrooms (though you’ll definitely not want to use original photos in this case due to moisture), can make fantastic gallery wall spaces. 

When thinking about your wall, consider the overall dimensions. What are the colours in the space? Is it busy or more serene? How is the lighting? Does it open to other rooms or it is a self-contained space? Is it a public or private area of your home?

2. Decide on the Look You’re After 

The easiest way to find your look is to look online at walls others have created. Which ones resonate most with you? Do you tend to go for simplicity and symmetry or more organic and eclectic? Do you prefer colour photos, black and white, or a mix of both? What type of frames strike you? 

A few places to start:

3. Gather Your Memories


Consider which photos you’ll want to make the larger “anchor points” of your wall. Unless you are going for a uniform look where all your photos and frame are the same size, it’s generally recommended to have a few larger photos around which you arrange your smaller photos.

Take into account the space you have, and how far from the wall you want to be able to see the photos, to get a basic idea of overall sizing. 

Depending on the size of your wall and the look you’re after, you may want to digitise your pictures and get enlargements of your original prints. If the prints will be exposed to direct sunlight on the wall, you’ll definitely want to preserve the originals and get copies made. 

Do any of your images have damage? Fear not, the inordinately talented artists at PhotoRepairPro have got you covered. They can restore any photo to the original condition. They can improve any portrait: smooth the skin, reduce or eliminate wrinkles, remove glasses glare or stray hairs. They can even add or remove a person, object or change the background!

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4. Pick Your Approach and Go Forth with Confidence

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If you’ve followed the paper template method above and “borrowed” a design style (and possibly even a complete layout) from a gallery wall you’ve seen online, you’re good to go. Check out your hanging options, including some that don’t require nailing holes in the wall, and choose what’s right for you. 

When you’re ready to begin putting up your wall, remind yourself that should the worst happen (and it won’t), it’s all relatively easily fixed. The reward of being able to see your memories every day is worth it.

We’re Here to Help

We are ready to scan your photo memories and get you on your way. Not only will you get to enjoy your memories on today’s tech, you’ll have digital copies to resize and begin your wall. What’s more, you’ll be preserving your memories for years to come—and can easily back them up like you do your other computer files.

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