【Which family photo studio is good?】 Top 10 recommended family portrait studios + FAQs

28 March 2023 by
Apryl Zhang

Whenever there is an important or special occasion, we always want to take a family photo to commemorate the moment. Family portraits record the beautiful memories of you and your family at different stages of life, so how much does it cost to take family photos? What should you pay attention to when taking photos with pets or children? Capture.HK will introduce 10 family portrait studios and answer some common questions to help you prepare for your shoot!

What is a family photos / portraits?

A "family photos / portrait" is a group photo of a family that captures the warmth of the moment when the family is gathered together, and it represents a happy and complete reunion. In the future, you can review the family portrait photos with your family and children, and even if time passes, it can still evoke beautiful memories.

Why take family photos / portraits?

On special occasions in life, such as pregnancy, newborn babies, birthdays, graduations, hundredth-day banquets, and birthday celebrations, we always want to take a family portrait to commemorate the important moment. Taking family photos allows the family to gather together and leave behind beautiful memories, and it is also a form of family activity!

Types of family photos / portraits

Family portraits can be divided into indoor and outdoor types: Indoor family portraits are more common, and they are generally taken at a portrait studio. The studio has a variety of scenes and props to choose from, so you can take photos in different styles according to your preferences. You can choose a pure white and warm atmosphere, or a fun and humorous style! As for outdoor family portraits, some photography companies provide their own outdoor scenes, such as private gardens or Korean-style scenes.

In addition to general family portraits, there are also family portrait packages for different subjects, such as newborn baby photography, pet photography, etc.

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Pricing for Family Photoshoots

The pricing for family photoshoots is generally calculated based on the number of people, as the photographer has to take into account the expressions and movements of multiple family members, so the fee is usually over HK$1,000. If the number of people exceeds the specified package, a per-person fee of a few hundred dollars may be charged. For example, for a package of 2 hours with unlimited number of people, the fee is around HK$3,000 to HK$6,000.

In addition to additional fees for exceeding the specified number of people, there may also be additional fees for public holiday shoots. Moreover, bringing newborn babies or pets, makeup, hairstyle design, exceeding the specified number or size of photos, photo albums or frames, and exceeding the specified shooting time, all have the potential for additional fees, so be sure to understand before ordering!

Recommendations for Family Photo Studios

1. The Heaven’s Love Photography

Family Photos- The Heaven’s Love Photography
(Image source:The Heaven’s Love Photography

Typical family photo packages will list the included items, such as the number of photos, frames, shooting time, number of people, and number of scenes. Photographers will also adjust the lighting and provide movement guidance based on the needs of different families, such as the family's walking and movements. Check out these popular family photo studio recommendations now!

2. A+ Studio 16

A+ Studio 16 offers indoor and outdoor family photo shooting services. Their studio is 1,000 square feet and offers various styles of scenes to choose from, such as industrial red brick walls, artistic style, natural living room scenes, and Korean-style white window scenes. During the photo shoot, they have a dedicated person to teach you how to pose, capturing you and your family's most natural side. Whether indoors or outdoors, the photos produced are warm and lively!

Family Photos - A+ Studio 16Family Photos - A+ Studio 16 - 02

(Image source:A+ Studio 16 Facebook Page

3. Ice Fire Studio

Ice Fire Studio provides different photography packages, including family photos, graduation photos, couple photos, and maternity photos. For family photos, they offer indoor family photo packages with professional lighting to capture beautiful shots. One of their biggest features is the ability to receive all electronic files of the original photos instantly, making it convenient and fast!

IFamily Photos - Ice Fire Studio

(Image source: Ice Fire Studio Website

4. Sharism

Sharism offers indoor and outdoor family photo shooting services. Its biggest feature is its outdoor garden, which has a lush green lawn and large shooting props, including slides, windmills, and rattan chairs, making it feel like being in the countryside and easily capturing family photos with a natural feel. It's a happy and joyful experience!

Family Photos - SharismFamily Photos - Sharism 2

(Image source:Sharism Website

5. Hugo Tai Workshop

Hugo Tai Workshop offers photography services for family, maternity, newborns, and pets. The photographers are a pair of twin sisters who are good at interacting with children. They specialize in outdoor photography and let children freely choose what toys or props they want to play with during the shoot, creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment and capturing the most genuine and natural moments of the children!

family photo - Hugo Tai Workshop

(Image source:Hugo Tai Workshop Facebook Page

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6. Studio Photobi HK

Studio Photobi HK is a Korean-style studio located in Hong Kong that offers family photography and retouching services. The photographer provides guidance on poses, while the retouching team handles multiple processes such as skin repair, facial symmetry, body adjustments, and color correction. The studio's various lighting effects create a warm atmosphere. The photography team will take dozens to over a hundred photos for you, and you will only be charged for the ones you like. 1-on-1 retouching ensures that your needs are met!

  • Address:
    • Unit A7, 12/F, Camel Paint Building Block 2, 62 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong (View Map)
    • 10/F, On Lee Commercial Building, 545 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei (View Map)
    • 16/F, Waylee Commercial Building, 147-149 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai (View Map)
  • Price: HK$2,100 and up
  • Website: https://photobi.hk/

family photos - Studio Photobi HK

(Image Source: Studio Photobi HK Website 

7. Happy Face Photo-synthesis

Happy Face Photo-synthesis provides photography services for family portraits, group photos, maternity photos, and more. Their style is simple and emphasizes the happy moments of families. Their packages include professional hair and makeup services, so you don't have to worry about your appearance.

8. Phase Studio

Phase Studio provides professional photography services for family and maternity photoshoots. You can also choose special backgrounds to create different scenes by contacting the photographer one week in advance. The photographer is professional and captures the interactions of the family and the innocent expressions of children!

Family Photos - Phase StudioFamily Photos - Phase Studio 02

(Image Source: Phase Studio Facebook Page)

9. Leung Tam Photography

Leung Tam Photography provides indoor and outdoor family photography services, as well as photography packages for newborns, children's 100th day parties, and more. The photographer captures special moments of the family in a professional and natural way, with a sense of beauty that makes each photo worth cherishing!

Family Photos - Leung Tam PhotographyFamily Photos - Leung Tam Photography 02

(Image source: Leung Tam Photography Website

10. Sens Studio

Sens Studio specializes in family photography, offering indoor and outdoor photography packages for large families, as well as packages for pregnant women, newborn babies, pets, and more. The studio is spacious and comfortable, and can accommodate group photos of 6 to 20 people, including three generations of family members! Outdoor photography incorporates nature into the photos, allowing families to enjoy natural leisure time and capture the warmest and most natural moments.

  • Addresses:
    • 9/F, Units 6-8, Fu Lee Commercial Building, 111-113 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong (View Map)
    • Unit 1202, Hua Lan Centre, 20 Hua Lan Road, Quarry Bay (View Map)
    • Room D6B, 10/F, TML Tower, 3 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan (View Map)
    • Shop D2, G/F, Lee Bow Building, 118 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok (View Map)
  • Price: Starting from HK$1,688
  • Website: https://www.sensstudio.com.hk/en/

Family Photos - Sens StudioFamily Photos - Sens Studio 02

(Image Source: Sens Studio Facebook Page

What to pay attention to when photographing newborns/children?

Some parents may want to take "Fresh 48" photos, which is capturing the precious moment of the baby's birth in the hospital through photos and videos during the first 48 hours of their life. The shooting style is mainly focused on recording, with a more plain and soft approach, and parents only need to prepare their clothing, preferably in light colors and the same color scheme. If the mother wishes to put on makeup, she can apply simple makeup or lipstick.

What should parents do if they want to take pictures with slightly older children but they keep yelling or moving around? Parents can prepare some toys, songs, and snacks that the child likes before the shoot. Many photographers also take pictures in a way that involves playing games, making the child more patient and smile more naturally and happily!

What to prepare when photographing pets?

Pets are an important part of the family, so how can family photos be taken without them? However, they can easily be shy or scared in unfamiliar environments. Therefore, it is recommended to take photos of pets at home to make them feel more comfortable.

Before the shoot, you can prepare pet snacks that they like, making it easier to attract their attention towards the camera. If they are shy or active, you can wait until everyone is seated and hold them up for a short period of time before taking the photo.

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Common questions for taking family photos/group photos

1. Do you need to put on makeup for family photos?

Everyone wants to capture their most beautiful side with their family, so makeup is usually chosen. You can choose to apply your own makeup or use makeup services. Generally, family photo packages on the market do not include makeup services. Some packages may provide hair products for guests to use or include makeup services for one or two family members. Before ordering a photography package, it is recommended to first understand the additional charges and details for makeup services.

2. Does the photography package include post-production processing?

It depends on the photography package. Some photography companies will provide a designated number of post-production processing. The scope of retouching also varies among different companies. Some only provide simple retouching such as removing acne scars or adjusting brightness, but do not offer face slimming or adjusting facial or body features. Therefore, it is important to understand and reach a consensus before ordering a package.

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