Farewell Gifts: What to Give to a Friend Emigrating? 11 Recommended Emigration Gifts

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Farewell Gifts: What to Give to a Friend Emigrating? 11 Recommended Emigration Gifts
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With the recent wave of emigration, many of us face the departure of our closest friends and family. To bid them farewell, giving a carefully selected farewell gift is a meaningful gesture. Below, Capture.HK recommends 11 emigration gifts, each with its own special value, uniqueness, and practicality, to wish them all the best for their new life ahead.

How to Choose Farewell Gifts?"

If you want your emigrating loved ones to feel happy and unburdened upon receiving a gift, there are four key points to consider when choosing a farewell gift!

Memorable Value

When considering farewell gifts, think about any special experiences or precious memories you have shared with your loved ones, and turn them into a unique emigration gift. Even if you can't meet up as often after emigrating, your friends can still cherish your friendship through the gift.

Consider the Size of the Gift

One of the biggest concerns for emigrating loved ones may be packing and moving their belongings, so the size of the gift is an important consideration. It's best to choose a lightweight and portable farewell gift that won't add any extra burden to their luggage.

Consider Practicality in the Destination

When selecting farewell gifts, also consider whether the gift is suitable for use in the destination country based on factors such as the weather, lifestyle habits, and voltage. This ensures that the farewell gift won't be impractical or useless in the emigrating country.

Farewell gift- Hong Kong-style

Avoid Overly Expensive Gifts

Expensive items may make your loved ones feel uncomfortable or embarrassed upon receiving the gift, and they may also worry about the item being damaged, lost, or stolen during the move. Additionally, certain valuable items (such as gold) may require customs declarations upon entering the destination country, causing delays and headaches for your loved ones.

Immigration Farewell Gift Recommendations

1. Digitised photo album

If you want to turn old photos that evoke memories into eternal memories, digitising them into a digital photo album is a good choice. Through old media digitisation services, old physical photos can be digitised, not only to create different electronic media and share them online with family and friends, but also to make different physical gifts, each with multiple meanings.

Capture.HK provides old media digitisation services. After receiving old albums, photos, and videotapes, the digitisation process will be completed in approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

2. Photo Frame

To turn your exclusive memories into immigration gifts, apart from digitising photo albums, unique photo frames are also another option. These frames not only store photos, but also can be transformed into different functional decorations such as night lights, 3D paper sculptures, music boxes, Legos, etc., according to users' preferences, purposes, and display locations.

You can purchase night light special photo frames with textured wooden LED frames at  MiniGarden in Taichung, which can be customised and come with options of music box or Bluetooth speaker.

Farewell gift- photo frame

Bringing old memories back to life in a new way.

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3. Realistic figurines

Realistic figurines are a creative way to recreate your memories together in a unique way. These figurines are handcrafted based on the facial expressions and features of real people, and can be posed and placed in specific scenes for a highly realistic effect. There are different size options available, and services such as customised bases and nameplates are also provided.

You can purchase these realistic figurines at Cute Figure HK, which mainly produces 3D figurines of people and also has a series of figurine scenes. These figurines are made with safe soft clay materials and are all handcrafted before being baked in a high-temperature oven at 120-150°C for final shaping.

4. DIY Photo Album

Handmade farewell gifts are always extra cherished, and a DIY photo album not only allows for different designs but also lets you include multiple photos, giving your immigrant friends and family a unique album that will leave a lasting impression!

Moments in Time specialises in promoting handmade and personalised gift-related projects and is Hong Kong's one-stop-shop for original DIY handmade gifts, including DIY photo albums, explosion boxes, pop-up cards, photo frames, and more.

farewell gift - DIY Photo Album

5. Specialty Phrase Neon Lights

Specialty phrase neon lights, such as "Taxi" lights and "Gather Again" signs, have a vintage Hong Kong style that adds a touch of local flair to the new home of your loved ones. Even if they are far away, they can still enjoy the taste of Hong Kong and decorate their new home perfectly.

Amazingneonhk is a specialist store for Hong Kong neon signs, which can provide customised neon signs with unique Hong Kong cultural elements for use as background boards or wall decorations, and can also be equipped with different plugs according to the voltage configuration of different countries.

6. Hong Kong Specialities

Some Hong Kong-themed items are practical and do not take up much space, such as Hong Kong map wooden puzzles, nostalgic Hong Kong tote bags, and phone cases. These items allow friends and family to cherish memories of Hong Kong, and carry the weight of affection in a lightweight package.

Sync Production sells wooden puzzles in the shape of Hong Kong's map. They offer 6 different types of wood, and each puzzle has a unique wood grain pattern. You can also choose to have the district names engraved inside the acrylic glue.

7. Hong Kong-style Milk Tea DIY Kit

After immigrating to another country, it can be difficult to find the taste of Hong Kong, especially the beloved Hong Kong-style milk tea that many Hong Kong people drink every day. Therefore, a Hong Kong-style milk tea DIY kit can be a great farewell gift, with a compact and easy-to-store gift box that can be easily carried abroad by your loved ones, relieving their longing for Hong Kong-style milk tea when they are away.

This DIY kit can be purchased at Teaaddict and comes with tea leaves and ingredients for making 12 cups of Hong Kong-style milk tea. It also includes two small tools, a small milk spoon and a measuring spoon with a clip, which allow for precise measurement of tea leaves and evaporated milk. However, customers will need to provide their own condensed milk and sugar.

8. Lion Rock Display

Lion Rock is not only a famous mountain in Hong Kong but also represents the indomitable spirit of the previous generation of Hong Kong people. Giving it as a gift to friends and family can also serve as a source of inspiration, hoping that they will start a new chapter in life outside of Hong Kong, work hard, reap a beautiful life, and continue the spirit of Lion Rock.

Lion Rock displays can be purchased at  MCDOPEDO. They are handmade in Hong Kong and available in three different materials: plaster, white cement, and black clay, as well as various sizes. The design is created using the Low-Poly method to showcase the appearance of Lion Rock. Although the topography and appearance of Lion Rock are simplified, its spirit is still retained as much as possible.

9. Hong Kong Design T-Shirt

T-shirts featuring unique Hong Kong designs are hard to find abroad, allowing friends to wear Hong Kong culture on their bodies and showcase their unique fashion style.

Lorento illustrated T-Shirt takes inspiration from the local "Limited Ability Company" concept, creating a T-Shirt that combines humor and style.

Farewell gift- Hong Kong Style T-ShirtImage from Lorento

10. TV box

Living abroad means more time spent at home. If your friend or family member enjoys watching TV or sports games, a good gift option would be a TV box. With this, they can sit comfortably on their sofa and watch Hong Kong TV programs or live sports events from around the world.

You can find various TV box options at Sham Shui Po Golden Shopping Centre and Golden Computer Centre, where you can also compare prices and models from different stores.

tv boxTV box

11. Dual time zone watches

Dual time zone watches display two different time zones on the same watch face, making it easy for the wearer to keep track of local time in Hong Kong and another time zone while abroad. As a gift for immigrants, a dual time zone watch is both practical and stylish, and can be worn on the plane without taking up luggage space.

Many watch brands offer dual time zone watches, with varying prices and functions depending on the brand. For those looking for a more affordable option,  Casio is a good choice.

Put memories together and give them as an eternal memorial gift to your important friend!

Still considering farewell gifts? Choose Capture.HK's photo digitisation service and capture your important memories to give as a gift to your special friend.

Capture.HK is the only company in Hong Kong that provides high-quality media digitisation services for the public. Their mission is to preserve old memories, share precious moments, and strengthen connections between people. After digitisation, photos and videos can be viewed and downloaded through Google Photos or saved on physical USB drives. By using Google Photos, you can also edit your photos and easily create multiple photo collages with your favourite images, add your favourite designs or Emoticons, and then share them with friends and family.

In addition, these old photos can also be turned into physical gifts, such as Christmas cards, New Year's greetings, red envelopes, Christmas cards, mugs, T-shirts, and more. Many companies offer a variety of physical photo gifts that can be easily customised using your own happy memories to create unique and creative gifts.

*This article is brought to you by Capture HK.

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