Where is the best place to take graduation photos? 15 great locations + studio recommendations

22 March 2023 by
Apryl Zhang

It's graduation season again and graduates all want to capture this moment by taking graduation photos to commemorate their youth! So where is the best place to take graduation photos? Are studios or outdoor locations better? Capture.HK introduces 15 great places to take graduation photos, both indoor and outdoor, to give you some inspiration and help you prepare for your shoot!

When to take graduation photos?

Usually, major universities will hold graduation ceremonies in November, and graduates will rent graduation gowns and caps to take photos with their families and friends. Some graduates prefer outdoor photography, while others may book indoor studio sessions.

Top 10 outdoor locations for graduation photos

1. Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum

Dr.  Sun Yat-sen Museum is located in Mid-Levels, Central, built in 1914 as the residence of Hong Kong businessman Ho Kom-tong. After being revitalised in 2006, it was opened to the public and was designated as a Hong Kong declared monument in 2010. The building retains its English classical charm and the architectural style popular during the reign of King Edward VII, with retro features such as arched terraces, a pure white hall, and colourful stained glass windows. It's a popular spot for taking photos and every corner is a photo hotspot. Wearing graduation gowns and taking photos here adds to the scholarly vibe!

graduation photo spots - 01 - Dr. Sun Yat-sen Museum

Address: No. 7 Castle Road, Central, Hong Kong(View Map

2. Tai Kwun

The Tai Kwun complex was revitalised from the former Central Police Station compound, including the former Central Police Station, the Central Magistracy, and Victoria Prison. It has now become a destination that combines heritage, art, and food. The buildings have a mix of late Victorian and Edwardian architectural styles, with features such as red brick walls, prison bars, spiral staircases, and white buildings. It's a great location to capture a beautiful graduation photo with a touch of English style.

graduation photo spots - 02 - Tai Kwun

Address: 10 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong(View Map

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3. Aircraft Maintenance Area

The airport maintenance area is a great place to capture the sea view and sunset. With elements such as the sunset, sea view, roads, and stones, you can capture the takeoff and landing of planes and commemorate the farewell with friends during graduation. You can also put on your graduation gown and run towards the future, symbolising the beginning of a new chapter in life with aspirations and youthful passion!

graduation photo spots - 03 - Aircraft Maintenance Area

Address: Aircraft Maintenance Area, Hong Kong International Airport.(View Map

4. Inspiration Lake

Inspiration Lake is Located beside Disneyland, which is a great spot for picnics and photoshoots. The lake is surrounded by a large grassy area, as well as European-style gazebos and a blue hut, allowing you to embrace the beauty of nature. It's the perfect place to take graduation photos while enjoying a picnic with friends.

graduation photo spots - 04 - Inspiration Lake

Address: Inspiration Lake Recreation Centre, Penny's Bay, Lantau Island, New Territories, Hong Kong(View Map

5. West Kowloon Cultural District

West Kowloon Cultural District is a popular gathering place for young people in recent years. In addition to the Victoria Harbour view, there are also new check-in spots such as large grass fields, the M+ Museum, and the Palace Museum. You can take graduation photos at multiple check-in hotspots in one go. Moreover, West Kowloon Cultural District is a pet-friendly park, allowing you to bring your furry friend along for the photoshoot and let it be a part of this important moment!

graduation photo spots - 05 - West Kowloon Cultural District

Address: West Kowloon Cultural District, Kowloon, Hong Kong(View Map

6. Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Sai Wan Swimming Shed used to be a place where the residents of Sai Wan would go swimming. It is now the last remaining swimming shed in Hong Kong, and some elderly people still come here to swim. The simple wooden bridge and bamboo shed have now become a popular photo spot. At dusk, the sunset turns the sea into a golden color, making it a great place to take graduation photos with a beautiful and moving view.

graduation photo spots - 06 - Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Address: Doyle Road, Mount Davis, Hong Kong Island(View Map

7. Victoria Peak Garden

The Victoria Peak Garden is filled with an English-style garden atmosphere. In addition to a large expanse of grass, there is a sky blue pavilion surrounded by flowers, making one feel as if they are in a European garden. This is also a pet-sharing park, where you can bring your furry friend to take graduation photos and share your joy!

graduation photo spots - 07 - Victoria Peak Garden

Address: Mount Austin Rd, The Peak, Hong Kong(View Map

8. Jao Tsung-I Academy

Looking to add a literary and artistic touch to your graduation photos? Why not head to the Jao Tsung-I Academy! This is a Grade III historic building in Hong Kong that has served as a temporary residence for Chinese workers, a quarantine station during epidemics, a prison in Lai Chi Kok, a hospital, and a nursing home. Since its revitalization in 2012, it has become the Jao Tsung-I Academy. The historical transformation has added cultural significance, so if you love historical landmarks, be sure not to miss it!

graduation photo spots - 08 - Jao Tsung-I Academy

Address: 800 Castle Peak Rd, Lai Chi Kok, Hong Kong(View Map

9. Kwong Pan Tin Tsuen

Kwong Poon Tin Tsuen is an old village located in Tsuen Wan. The village is filled with colorful murals, which were created by villagers and children volunteers together, much like Hong Kong's "Rainbow Village." The colorful murals are full of childlike innocence and have a Taiwanese-style artistic feel. The most popular photo spot is the rainbow staircase and rainbow house, where you can take graduation photos with your classmates standing on the steps, witnessing your youth and friendship together!

graduation photo spots - 09 - Kwong Pan Tin Tsuen

Address: Kwong Pan Tin Tsuen Section 2, Tsuen Wan(View Map

10. Alma Mater

When it comes to the most memorable place, it's definitely your own alma mater! It's full of your youthful memories, from living in the dormitory or hall, attending classes and rushing to complete your FYP. Every plant and tree bears witness to your experiences. Taking graduation photos at your alma mater is truly meaningful!

graduation photo spots - 10 - Alma Mater

Top 5 Graduation Photo Studios Recommendation

1. Silly Zone Studio

Silly Zone Studio is located in Tsuen Wan and covers an area of 1,400 sq ft with 3 uniquely designed rooms. The venue features large floor-to-ceiling windows which provide ample natural light. The pure white arch-shaped windows, coupled with a breathtaking mountain view, enable you to easily capture natural and youthful graduation photos! Additionally, you can bring your furry friends to witness your graduation and growth!

2. Studio Arch

Studio Arch is located in Kwai Chung and has a homey style with sufficient natural lighting. The venue features a simple white design with furniture such as a dining table, sofa, and green plants, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. It's suitable for taking graduation photos with family or friends!

  • Address: Gold Way Industrial Centre, 16-20 Wing Kin Road, New Territories, Kwai Chung (View Map
  • Price:
    • Monday to Friday:HK$500 /hour
    • Saturday, Sunday and public holodays:HK$600 /hour
    • ​Minimum rental of 2 hours
  • Website: https://www.studioarch.hk/ 

3. Studio Photobi HK

Studio Photobi HK is a Korean-style photo studio from Hongdae, Seoul. You can take personal or group graduation photos in the studio or choose to take them outdoors. Whether you're a university student, K3, primary or secondary school student, capture beautiful memories with your loved ones during these important moments!

  • Address:
    • Room A7,12/F, Camel Paint Building Block 2, 62 Hoi Yuen Road(View Map
    • 10/F, On Lee Building, 545 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon(View Map
    • 16/F, Weswick Commercial Building, 147-149 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island(View Map
  • Price:
    • Indoor graduation package ranges from HKD 2,100 to HKD 3,300
    • Outdoor graduation package ranges from HKD 3,400 to HKD 6,800
  • Website: https://photobi.hk/ 

4. Gown Revolution

Gown Revolution is specifically designed for graduates and offers customized graduation gowns for kindergarten, primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. You can also order graduation teddy bears. At the photo studio, you can rent local university graduation gowns, graduation teddy bears, and props. You can also borrow graduation gowns for cats and dogs for free and take photos with your furry friends to capture your beautiful memories!

5. Phoebe Studio

Phoebe Studio is located in Tsuen Wan and is designed with an English college style, offering a variety of real scenes, oil paintings, and background paper to choose from. The price of graduation photo shooting services depends on the number of people, and makeup and hairstyle design services are also available. You can also take individual graduation portraits or family group graduation photos!

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