【Studio Recommendation】Top 10 themed photo studios for rent in Hong Kong! Graduation photos, family portraits, and more

11 April 2023 by
Apryl Zhang

Apart from taking photos outdoors, you can also take beautiful pictures in a photo studio! Equipped with complete facilities and offering different styles of scenes, photo studios allow you to take pictures with your family and friends, leaving behind beautiful memories. Capture.HK will introduce 10 themed photo studios and things to pay attention to when renting a studio, making it easy for you to take themed photos!

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What is a photo studio?

A photo studio or shooting studio is a specialized place for taking photos or videos. The studio provides different scenes for shooting, such as home style, natural landscapes, industrial style, and more, offering professional photography and photo printing services. Nowadays, many photo studios also provide makeup, clothing, and other additional services.

Why rent a photo studio?

Photo studios offer different theme options for scenes, which can be used to take different types of photos, such as family portraits, graduation photos, ID photos, wedding photography, best friend photos, personal portraits, commercial photography, and more. The studio is also equipped with special furniture, props, and clothing, allowing you to create different styles of photos and leave unforgettable memories with your family, partner, or friends.

Features of a photo studio

 There are four major features of a photo studio:

  1. Professional photographers: Photographers use their professional knowledge to adjust lighting, shooting angles, guide poses and movements, and ensure the quality of the photos.
  2. Different themed scenes: Outdoor photography is often affected by weather and environment, but in a photo studio, you can control the situation, and the space is more spacious. Whether it's floral, artistic, Korean style, British style, home scene, and more, you can easily find them.
  3. Complete shooting equipment: The studio is equipped with professional photography equipment and props, allowing for richer shooting effects and ensuring the quality of the photos.
  4. Additional services: Many photo studios provide additional services before and after the photoshoot, such as makeup, hair styling, clothing, photography, printing, and more, allowing you to take great photos without worrying about anything else.

Traditional Photography Studios vs Self-service Photography Studios

So what are the differences between traditional photography studios and the emerging self-service photography studios? In simple terms, self-service photography studios allow guests to rent the space and take their own photos. The studio will provide guests with versatile "world lights" and cameras set to automatic mode, while traditional photography studios will have photographers taking photos throughout the session to ensure quality, but this comes at a relatively higher price.

Traditional Photography Studios

Self-service Photography Studios


Professional photographers taking photos

Guests taking photos with pre-set cameras

Photography style 

Requires collaboration with photographers 

Freedom to take photos

Photography quality 

Quality is guaranteed

No guarantee, more casual 


Relatively expensive

Relatively cheaper

Suitable for

Those pursuing higher quality and experience

Those with limited budgets and not too picky about the final product

What services do photography studios offer?

In addition to providing shooting locations, photography studios generally include professional photography services and offer scene design and props. In addition, some studios may include services such as makeup, hair styling, photo retouching, portrait beautification, printing, or other special effects. It is recommended to inquire about additional fees beforehand.

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Recommended Themed Photography Studios

There are many photography studios in Hong Kong with unique scene designs. Here are 10 popular choices:

1. Studio King

Studio King(Photo Source: Studio King Facebook Page )

Studio King, located in San Po Kong, is one of the most popular self-service studios in Hong Kong. It covers an area of 18,000 square feet and has 20 independent shooting studios and over 100 independent themed rooms, making it the largest and most room-filled studio in Hong Kong.

Each themed room can be rented independently, with scenes including a Korean-style kitchen, a French mansion, a white flower fairyland, and many more. The rental fee includes two flashlights, a trigger, a reflector, a lampshade, a steam iron, and a flower ball, as well as various props for each themed room. All you need is your camera and outfits to start shooting.

  • Address: 3-4/F, Shing Hei Industrial Building, Shing Hei Street, San Po Kong (View on Map)
  • Price: Starting from HK$800 per hour
  • Website: https://www.studiokinghk.com/

2. La Garland Studio

La Garland Studio(Photo Source: La Garland Studio Facebook Page)

La Garland Studio has branches in Kwai Hing and Tai Kok Tsui. The Kwai Hing branch offers options of a plant gallery, a southern French countryside, and a vintage living room, while the Tai Kok Tsui branch features a Bohemian style scene. Both studios face west and are illuminated by the setting sun during twilight, making for a more charming photo shoot experience!

3. The Core Base

The Core Base(Photo Source:The Core Base Facebook Page )

The Core Base has branches in Kwai Fong and Kwai Hing, each offering 10 different shooting areas that can accommodate 30 people or more, making them relatively large-scale venues. Featured scenes include the minimalist-style playground Little Core, which includes a treehouse, swings, and ropes, suitable for family gatherings; Black Core, which features wooden furniture and Western-style bar tables and chairs for a trendy and stylish look; Pink Core, a Japanese-style scene with pink and light wooden furniture for a warm and comfortable feel; Sky Core, an entirely outdoor venue that can be used as a wedding venue; The Ruin, a semi-outdoor venue with an industrial feel, creating a deserted atmosphere, and more.

In addition to venue rental, The Core Base also regularly launches photography packages with different themes, including photography services, makeup and hairstyling services, and 10 Fine Retouched photos and all original photos.

4. The Scenes Studio

The Scenes Studio(Photo Source: The Scenes Studio Facebook Page )

The Scenes Studio is located near Fo Tan MTR station and is a 2-storey designed studio occupying 2,800 square feet with a 4-meter-high ceiling. The studio has four themed scenes, including The Jungle, Balcony, White Bedroom, and Cooking Corner. The Jungle is an indoor forest with a natural feel; Balcony is a classic terrace with wooden louvre doors, translucent window screens, and wrought iron railings creating a beautiful atmosphere. The White Bedroom is simple and elegant, suitable for personal portraits, best friend photos, wedding photos, or maternity photos. The Cooking Corner, with its wooden kitchen, is perfect for couples and creates a warm and cozy atmosphere.

5. MioXpace

MioXpace(Photo Source: MioXpace Facebook Page )

MioXpace is located in Kwun Tong and offers three themed rooms that can accommodate 4 to 18 people. Room MIO ROCOCO is a blue and white bedroom with exquisite furnishings and a chandelier, popular among girls! Room MIO 66 features a nostalgic British style, with cement walls and imitation wood wallpaper, combined with vintage furniture and decorations, suitable for those who like a retro feeling. Room MIO KiDS is a lively and warm space with carpets and beanbags, creating a comfortable and joyful atmosphere.

6. Yatchee

Yatchee 日子(Photo Source: Yatchee Facebook Page )

Yatchee Studio is located in Ngau Tau Kok and provides a Japanese-style minimalist home decor as the main theme for its photography venue. Coupled with warm earth tones and afternoon sunlight, it easily creates a trendy and fresh atmosphere. In addition, the studio also offers professional photography services, both for self-service and with the assistance of a photographer!

7. Keep Rollin’ Studio

Keep Rollin’ Studio(Photo Source: Keep Rollin’ Studio Facebook Page )

Keep Rollin' Studio is located in Kowloon Bay and provides two different styles of shooting locations, covering an area of 1,900 square feet, with ample space. The venue has a 6-meter wide window with sufficient lighting, and pets are also welcome for photography sessions. The scene decoration includes a modern piano corner, a kitchen, and a nostalgic corner with a variety of wooden furniture. The venue also thoughtfully prepares hangers and offers a large amount of photography equipment for rental.

8. Sole Fete

Sole Fete(Photo Source: Sole Fete Facebook Page )

If you like vintage style, don't miss the Sole Fete photo studio! Located in Kwai Chung, the venue is decorated with a nostalgic classical flavour, such as vintage sofas, classic green and white checkered floors, and school desk chairs from your student days. It feels like stepping into a movie set and going back to the 80s. It's suitable for shooting special wedding photos, personal portraits, and more!

9. Sens Studio

Sens Studio(Photo Source: Sens Studio Facebook Page)

Sens Studio offers a variety of photography packages, both indoor and outdoor, including packages for pregnant women, newborn babies, pets, and portraits. There are four branches in total, each with different scene options such as cozy homes, romantic flowers, band rooms, green gardens, and classic English style. The environment is spacious and comfortable, and with the help of a professional photography team, it's easy to capture ideal photos.

10. Studio Photobi HK

Studio Photobi HK

(Photo Source: Studio Photobi HK Facebook Page

Studio Photobi HK is a Korean-style photo studio located in Hongdae, Seoul. They offer a variety of photography packages, including student portraits, professional headshots, family photos, individual style photos, graduation photos, and more. Photographers provide guidance on posing and lighting to create different effects in the studio. Their editing team processes multiple procedures such as skin restoration, facial symmetry, body adjustments, and color grading. You will only be charged for the photos you select, ranging from dozens to over a hundred, and they offer 1-to-1 editing to better suit your needs!

  • Addresses:
    • Room A7, 12/F, Camel Paint Building Block 2, 62 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong (view on map)
    • 10/F, On Lee Commercial Building, 545 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei (view on map)
    • 16/F, Wellable Commercial Building, 147-149 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai (view on map)
  • Prices start from HK$280
  • Website: https://photobi.hk/

Studio Fees

The fees for renting a studio vary depending on the number of people, date, and time of the shoot. On weekdays, the fee is usually HK$200 to HK$400 per hour, while on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, it's HK$300 to HK$500 per hour. For couple or wedding shoots with two people, the fees range from HK$1,500 to HK$3,000.

If you rent a studio for pet photography, use of cake props, or other services, there may be additional charges. So be sure to understand these extra fees before renting a studio for your shoot. 

How to Choose the Right Studio?

When choosing a studio, you need to carefully consider your needs, understand the studio's facilities and services, pay attention to the fees and details, and be aware of customer feedback. This way, you can choose a studio that meets your needs and provides value for money. The following factors can be used as reference:

  1. Studio Style: Different studio styles can affect the photo effect. It's recommended to determine the shooting style you want first, then look at the studio's work and find the right studio based on style.
  2. Equipment and Services: Larger studios usually have better facilities and services, and experienced photographers and stylists can help you easily take satisfying photos.
  3. Package Content and Additional Charges: Before renting a studio, it's recommended to pay attention to the package contents, including whether there is a photographer, makeup artist, hours, scene quantity, prop quantity, etc., and whether there are additional charges.
  4. Scene Selection: The studio has various scenes, and you can consider whether the scene can meet your shooting needs. For example, if you are shooting couple or wedding photos, you can choose a studio with a romantic atmosphere and floral themes; if you are taking family photos, you can choose a studio with more warm scenes, such as home scenes or garden scenes.
  5. Post-Processing: It's recommended to refer to the photos of the studio or photographer on the website or social media, and see if the processing techniques and presentation methods match your expectations.
  6. Reference Reviews: You can check customer feedback and reviews on online platforms to understand their experiences and actual situations, and choose high-quality studio services.

Notes on Renting a Studio

Before renting a studio, it is recommended to pay attention to the following items and communicate well with the studio and photographer to avoid differences between the final product and expectations:

  • Understand the package contents: such as shooting time, number of scenes that can be photographed, number of photos and calculation methods, etc.
  • Photo processing: such as whether to retrieve all the negatives, whether it includes photography services, how many times it can be modified, the size and material of the developed photos, etc.
  • Pay attention to additional fees: such as overtime charges, makeup and styling fees, developing and printing fees, photography fees, etc. 

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