What output(s) should I choose after analogue media digitisation?

15 May 2023 by
Daisy Wong

Digitising preserves your memories by creating digital files of them that work on today’s smartphones, tables, computers, and other modern technology. But how do you want to receive those digital files from us here at Capture.HK?

We get this question a lot. Let us talk you through the options and help figure out what’s right for you.

Google Photos

After we digitise memories for you, we can put the media into your Google Photos account. From Google Photos, you can access your memories from your computer or other device(s),

Google Photos on computer

Please note: If you make an order, you will need to choose the output format, either Google Photos or/ and USB flash drive.

Important: You must have your Gmail account. After the ordering, you have to go through Google Photos authorisation which is to ensure your Google Account is linked to the order, allowing automated upload upon completion of digitisation.

We strongly recommend that you to use the cloud-based photo storage platform “Google Photos”. That way, you’ll always have a copy of them in a single place that’s independent of your home or physical location. And you’ll finally be able to bring together your old and new memories and enjoy them easily from anywhere and anytime.

Aside from uploading your digital files in Google Photos, you can choose to receive your digital memory on:

USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive is a great way to enjoy and transport your digital copies. You can use it to view your memories on any device with a USB port—TV, laptop, game console, etc. Portability is also a big plus where USB flash drives are easy for you to pass on to other friends and family members and/or take to a photo kiosk to create photo gifts. 

In addition, a USB flash drive is the perfect backup to complement storing your digital memory files on your computer or in a cloud-based photo storage platform like Google Photos. 

Please note: If you make an order, you will need to choose the output format, Google Photos or/ and USB flash drive.

USBs with different storage capacity

Relax. Back up. Repeat.

Digitising lets you back up your memories just as you do your other important files—on the cloud, on drives, in multiple places—for peace of mind. It’s a huge relief to know that your precious, often irreplaceable, memories are safe and no longer in danger of degrading over time.

To preserve your memories, we recommend that you have a physical copy on USB flash drives or other external hard drives, AND a cloud backup “Google Photos”. Having your memories in two places helps protect against loss, whether that is from computer issues or physical problems like fire, flood.

Having your files backed up by the cloud gives you access from anywhere and built-in digital redundancy—without any work on your end once you’ve added your files to the program.

Get Started Digitising

Capture.HK specialises in digitising analogue media like photo albums, photographs, videotapes and digital media. We are the premier global service provider for analogue media digitisation partnered with Google Photos and allowing us to safely and securely upload your digitised media straight to your Google Photos Library. We’d love to help you protect and preserve your precious memories. Feel free to schedule an appointment with us to know more about our digitisation service.

*This article is brought to you by Capture HK.

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