【Primary School Graduation Gifts 2024】 7 Suitable Gifts and Celebration Ideas for Primary School Graduates

4 June 2024 by
Anna Lam

Primary school graduation is an important milestone in a child's growth. To make this special moment even more memorable, Capture has compiled some recommended primary school graduation gifts and celebration ideas for you. Whether you're looking for personalised gifts or planning a fun celebration, this article will provide you with inspiration and suggestions.

Recommended Primary School Graduation Gifts

1. Personalised Graduation Gifts

Photo Frame

A graduation photo frame can preserve the child's graduation photo. You can choose a beautiful frame and place the child's graduation photo in it. It's a wonderful way to revisit those cherished moments with your child.

photo frame
a. Pinkoi - [Customised Gift] Pieces of Life Box House Memory 3D Photo Frame

photo frame
b. Pinkoi - Custom IG Photo Frame Instagram Graduation Photo Custom Photo and Text Gift for Best Friends

Necklace or Bracelet

A personalised graduation necklace or bracelet is a precious gift. You can choose a delicate necklace or bracelet and engrave the child’s name, graduation year, or other special messages.

customised bracelet
a. Crudo - Sanrio Character Limited Edition Customised Steel Gem Bracelet
customised bracelet
b. Charmlove - Classic Custom Bracelet

2. Practical Graduation Gifts

Study Supplies Set / Backpack

A practical study supplies set or backpack makes a suitable graduation gift. This can include notebooks, stationery, calculators, etc. A backpack is also a good choice to help the child organise books and study materials.

a. Fjallraven - Kanken Backpack

b. Nordace Bergen – Lightweight Everyday Backpack

Reading Lamp

A reading lamp can provide good lighting for reading. This is important for helping children develop a love for reading, especially at night or in dim environments.

desk lamp
a. Philips - Visionary Eye-Caring Desk Lamp
reading lamp
b. Sunshinelights - LED Reading Lamp


A watch is a practical accessory and a great tool for teaching time management, helping children learn to complete activities on time.

digital watch
a. Samsung - Galaxy Fit3
b. Swatch - PINKBAYA

Bluetooth Speaker / Headphones

Great for both music and learning! A high-quality Bluetooth speaker or headphones can allow children to enjoy music during study or leisure time.

bluetooth speaker

a. JBL - Clip 4 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

b. SUDIO - N2 Earphones


A wallet is a practical and meaningful gift, teaching them to manage pocket money, savings, and expenditures.


a. Atelier nuu - lim Series Mini L-Shaped Zipper Mini Wallet / Ivory White

leather wallet
b. A.P.C. - Logo-Stamp Leather Wallet

Primary School Graduation Celebration Activities

1. Family Dinner

Spend quality time with family to celebrate the child's growth. You can choose to dine at home or go out, making the child feel special.

dim sum

a. YUM CHA - Creative Dim Sum

stanley plaza
b. Stanley Plaza and Stanley Market - Western Restaurants in Stanley

2. Outdoor Excursion

Take the child to a park, beach, or countryside to play with classmates. This is a great opportunity to relax, unwind, and enjoy nature.

shek o beach

a. Shek O Beach

ngong ping
b. Ngong Ping

3. Graduation Party

Host a small graduation party and invite classmates and teachers to celebrate together. You can hold it at home or in a theme park, and prepare some snacks, drinks, and music.

hong kong disneyland

a. Hong Kong Disneyland - Disney Graduation Celebration

b. Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees - Garden View Banquet Hall

The Frame Digital Photo Frame

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