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Sharing Functions Across Platforms by Google Photos 

Photo and video sharing is something we do every day, no matter what device you use. Whenever we are out with friends or family, it’s inevitable that someone is going to take a picture of everyone together. However, sharing them can be a little tricky if people have different types of phones. For example, between iOS and Android platforms. Sending images over a messaging app can be frustrating because sometimes an app will compress media, meaning the quality of photos and videos will be reduced, making the photo blurry when viewed on a larger screen or if printed out.

With Google Photos, you can eliminate this difficulty as it allows you to share photos and videos with your friends and family, no matter what type of device you have (remember you can use Google Photos on all the major platforms iOS & Android, Mac & Windows or even in a browser window). There’s no need to compromise the quality of your photos, Google Photos keeps them all in high definition when you share them. You can even choose to share whole albums as a group of photos or videos, and there’s no limit to how many pictures you can share in one go.

How to share your Google Photos

Single Photos:

  1. Open up the photo you want to share
  2. Tap on the ‘share’ icon in the bottom left corner 
  3. Google photos will then give you the option to share your images with your Google contacts
  4. This will allow them to save the image to their drive
  5. You can also tap the ‘share to’ button, which will allow you to share the image via other apps 


  1. Choose the album that you want to share with your friends and family
  2. Tap the album to open it, and you will see a ‘share’ button

Then follow the same process with sharing single photos

  1. Google photos will then give you the option to share your images with your Google contacts
  2. You can also tap the ‘share to’ button, which will allow you to share the image via other apps 

Another cool feature that Google Photos has introduced is called ‘Partner Sharing.’ If you use Google Photos with someone else, this feature enables Google Photos to share specific photos and videos for you automatically. The feature utilises Google’s facial recognition technology to identify which photos (up to 10 faces) to share with your partner and they’ll magically see them appear in their own Google Photos!

Google Photos is a richly featured storage and sharing app. The ease of organising, viewing, sharing and editing photos makes the service one of the best cloud storage apps now. When you sign up, you get 15 GB of free storage, so why not try it? Sharing photos is a meaningful way to connect with friends and family, whether they live nearby or overseas. With Google Photos, you’re able to simplify the process and seamlessly share your memories with all your loved ones.


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