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Digitise Your Videotapes to MP4 with Capture HK!

Let us digitise your videotapes to the latest digital MP4 formats for you to share with friends and family for generations to come.

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What  Formats of Videotapes Can Capture Preserve?​


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Hi-8, Video8, Digital8

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Why You Should Preserve Your Videotape?​

Your videotapes are probably 10 years old or older, which puts them in serious jeopardy of degradation, loss in quality, or irreparable damage.

Video players are now are no longer produced. But there’s hope because you can digitise your videotapes like VHS, MiniDV, etc to MP4 with Capture HK.

Capture is an advanced analogue media digitisation company with more than 20 years experience. When we digitise videotapes to MP4 format, your memories will be uploaded to Google Photos directly, which allows you to quickly access your memories in the Google Photos Library.

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What You Will Get Back?

Output-Google Photos

Google Photos

Your memories can be uploaded to Google Photos Library and preserve forever. It is highly recommended for its convenient organising, searching and easy-sharing functions.

Output-USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

You can also choose to upload to a USB Flash Drive. As your file grows in size, we will automatically upgrade the USB storage capacity at no extra charge.

What Other Media can Capture Digitise?

Photo Album

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DIgital Media

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Why Use Capture for Videotape Digitisation?

​100% Satisfaction

If you’re unhappy with your digitisation results, we’ll reprocess your Videotapes for free.

Trusted by Top Brands

Exclusive partnerships with major brands like Google Photos, Costco, Walmart, , CVS, and Sam’s Club.

Fastest Turnaround Time

Digitise videotape to digital copy, and USB in less than 14 days for an affordable price, without extra fees.

Media Repairs​

We provide limited service to repair and clean your original media and fix issues like mild damage to the broken cassette cases without extra charges.

What Our Customers Say

Maria Gillette
Maria Gillette
19 days ago
Had 25 mini DV tapes digitised - now have them in a format that I can easily view as well as edit. Found my "go-to" shop for all digital conversion. Project completed in 2 weeks as promised even though they were in the process of moving. Thanks!
James Chuang
James Chuang
4 months ago
I’m indeed fully satisfied with Capture’s attentive and personalized service. I have 19 VHS tapes, 33 photo albums of 200 pictures each digitalized. Pictures came out perfect as originals, videos limited to original quality, all 10-50+ years old. Great for memories review with much ease! Thanks, Michael!
Alex Norton
Alex Norton
4 months ago
Capture did a brilliant job of copying some treasured memories from old VHS tapes and transforming them into a digital format that can be shared with family and friends. Their staff were friendly, helpful and efficient. I highly recommend them!
Felix Yuen
Felix Yuen
8 months ago
Very speedy, friendly and personalized service by Capture HK. My parents and I are so so happy to be able to watch my childhood videos again after all these years. Thanks Capture for digitizing my VHS to a cloud video!
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Get Started in Three Simple Steps

1.   Payment

Order online or at Capture Experience Center. Choose the media you want to digitise and the output format.

2. Drop Off Your Media

Bring your analogue media to Capture Experience Centre. Our Memory Specialists will check the quality and process your order.

3.  View and Share

Wait 1 to 2 weeks and you can view and share your memories on the Google Photos or USB!

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  • HK$200/videotape
  • HK$2.00/photograph
  • HK$200/digital media


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  • HK$180/videotape
  • HK$1.80/photograph
  • HK$180/digital media

Above HK$2,500

15% Off 

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  • HK$170/videotape
  • HK$1.70/photograph
  • HK$170/digital media

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