Frequently Asked Questions

1. Placing an Order & Pricing

Two ways to get it done:
1. Prepay online and schedule a drop-off to lock in the savings, and have a fast and efficient handover. You can see the details here.
2. Schedule a consulation and pay at the Capture Experience Centre. You can see the details here.

We charge transparently and simply just by the number of your analogue media, or number of photographs. There is no extra charge for the quality review, length of video playback, attempts to repair any broken tapes or customising your order with names, titles and dates for automated upload.

Our pricing does change with bulk purchase. The more you purchase, the more you save. Please refer to our Product Pages and subscribe to our newsletter for our latest offers and other promotions.

Yes, you can order any volume of analogue media digitisation you want. Further discounts will depend on the final volume of media requested to be digitised and we'll be happy to discuss that with you.

2. Order Processing

Please do not remove the photographs from the album. With our touchless process, taking maximum care of your photograph album, we use our innovative and proprietary technologies to quickly and easily digitise and crop your photos, removing glare and imperfections of any surface film or sleeve.

Once the whole order is completed, we will arrange refund for any blank tapes or digital media. 

If your videotape ribbon is damaged, it will require repair before processing. Splicing broken videotape can be attempted once; approval or refusal is obtained during the consulation process or follow up communication with our Memory Specialists.

We cannot intentionally digitise copyrighted materials as we do not have prior permission or own any intellectual property rights of commercial materials.

Photographs are automatically enhanced to improve the viewing experience on digital devices in a JPG format.

Videotapes are digitised to mp4 format with maximum information. At this time we do not upscale or enhance the videos automatically.

The digitisation process is automated, so no native video clipping will be provided. However, Google Photos provides a powerful tool to edit your videos easily once you have uploaded it.

Normally, it will take two to four weeks to finish processing your media, but we will alert you if there is any delay due to the volume of orders or reduced hours from holidays and reduced working days. You will receive pick up email notification about two to four weeks from the time from which we receive your media; your pickup will include your analogue media and any review of Google Photo upload, and any USB flash drive you ordered.

3. Media Drop-off & Pick Up

10/F, Sea Bird House, 22-28 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong Island.

Find us on Google Maps:

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You should schedule an appointment before coming to drop off or pick up your media to enable a quick and easy process. You can click here to schedule a time slot.

In addition to bringing your media, if the output method you choose is Google Photos, we need to obtain your Google Photos authorisation to ensure your Google Account is linked to the order, allowing automated upload upon completion of digitisation. Please pay attention to the following:

If you have 2-Step Verification (also called two-factor authentication) turned on for your Google Account, remember to bring the Android phone/ tablet or iPhone/ iPad that’s signed in to your Google Account to authenticate when authorizing Google Photos to Capture.HK. To learn more about Google 2-Step Verification, please click here.

Do you provide a delivery service?

We do not have a delivery or courier service at this time; however please contact us if you have a large quantity of media to be digitised.

4. Your Finished Product

You can choose to have Capture upload to your Google Photo account or save to an USB flash drive.

Please discuss any issues you are having with the memory specialists upon pickup or contact us online and we will respond to any query.

We have tutorials to guide you on how best to use Google Photos, and our memory specialists are on hand to discuss any issues you are having in your scheduled appointment.

5. Google Photos

Google Photos is a photo and videos sharing and storage service developed by Google. It is the home for all your media, automatically organised and easy to search and share. You can explore your Google Photos here.

Google Photos is the leading cloud photo sharing and storage service from one of the most trusted companies in the world. It provides convenience to manage digital media for easy organising, searching and sharing. To learn more about Google Photos, please click here.

If you do not yet have a Google account, it's free to sign up for one. Please go to this page and sign up for a gmail account, after which you can login to Google Photos via your browser or through the App.

A free Google Photos account already provides 15Gb of cloud storage that is accessible from any device or browser. Photos take up less space than video, and the storage use will be dependent upon the size of digitised files in your order. Subscription services to upgrade your Google account storage is only $15 per month, giving you 100Gb of cloud storage.

Google Photos is accessible on any browser via This means that any device that is connected to the internet can access Google Photos. You are also able to install the Google Photos app on Android devices, as well as Apple iPhone iOS, and iPadOS.

You can install Google Photos App on your mobile phone. If you are using iPhone, you can find it on App Store. Or you can download via Google Play if you are an Android user. You can click here to view our video tutorial.

To access your Google Photos, click on this link or install the app on your phone or tablet and follow the log in instructions from Google.

When can my digitised memories be added to Google Photos?

Your digitised photographs, videos or digital media will be added to your account around the time when you are notificed of pickup availability of your analogue media, indicating we have completed your order.

6. Security

For processing purposes, we need to temporarily store files on an encypted secure server, where files are automatically deleted after 30 days. This will mean that we are unable to recover the files for customers after that time, and customers will need to place another order to digitse the media again.

Capture does not have access to your Google Photos for any other purpose other than uploading the digitised photos or videos, and there is no functional need to retain this upload access once the order is complete.