On-site Payment

Learn more about our service with Memory Specialists Capture Experience Centre

STEP 1. Schedule a Consultation
consultation with our memory specialist
Prepare for consultation
  • You will receive a notification email with your appointment details
  • The whole consultation may take around 15 minutes
  • Your are highly suggested to prepare and bring your analogue media to Capture Customer Experience Centre to review with our Memory Specialist

During the consultation, you will:

Review media with Memory Specialist
Our memory specialist will review your analogue media and do quality checking for potential issues, obtain permission to fix breakages in tapes, and identify physical or mould damage that may not allow digitisation
STEP 2. Pay at the Capture Experience Centre
pay offline

If you are happy with our service, you can pay at Capture Experience Centre. Here are a few things we will do with you.

Complete Payment
We will customise your order based on your media volume and finish the transaction

 Authorise Google Photos
Google Photos authorisation is to ensure your Google Account is linked to the order, allowing automated upload upon completion of digitisation; for USB flash drive only orders, this is not needed

Customise title & date
We will apply tracking barcodes to all media and customise the title and date for every folder
STEP 3. Schedule a Pickup
pick up analogue media
How long?
  • The whole process takes 1 to 2 weeks
Prepare for pickup
  • A notification email will alert you to the readiness of the order
  • Please schedule a time at the Capture Experience Centre to pick up your analogue media, and USB flash drive if included in your order

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