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Enjoy a hassle-free digitisation service for all your analogue media. You'll lock in the bulk discount and speed up your drop off at our Capture Experience Centre.

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What format would you like?

  • Digital Copy - View and download your digitized memroies with your included MemoryCloud account for 60 days. You can also add your digitized memories to Google Photos (storage quota applies).
  • USB - Your USB copy will contain your entire order. Your digitazed memories will be viewable on deviecs with a USB port, and files will be easy to store, duplicate, and back up.



Our Story

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For over 20 years we have been dedicated to providing the highest quality media digitisation services available.  In that time, we’ve been fortunate enough to help more than 12 million families.  You might say that’s our What.  But we think our Why is the part that really matters: we exist to help people preserve memories, share incredible moments from the past and strengthen the connections that matter most. 

How do we do it?  We hand-process all orders here in Hong Kong using proprietary technology that’s earned us multiple patents.  Finally, we make it easy to share those newly digitised memories.  In fact, ours is the only service that saves your memories directly to Google Photos.

In 2021, we launched a new brand, Capture™, a new place, Capture Experience Centre, and a new product, Digitisation Prepayment, to offer our customers even more convenient ways to digitise their memories with one-to-on consultation service. Having the longest history in the industry serving the most customers, we look forward to helping millions more capture their memories forever.


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About Us

Preserving & Sharing Memories, Strengthening Connections

Capture is dedicated to preserving memories, sharing moments, and strengthening connections that matter.

Millions of Memories Unlocked

Over the past 20+ years, 12 million families have entrusted Capture in the USA with unlocking their memories to rediscover and share.

Carefully Processed By Hand in HK

Every order is securely handled by local members of the Capture HK team to ensure proper care and excellent results.

Patented Technology

Our innovative, patented methods make Capture the safe and reliable choice for digitising your irreplaceable media to digital formats.

Works With Google Photos

Capture is the only media digitisation service that saves your memories to Google Photos (storage quota applies).

Mission & Vision


Digitising the world's analogue media. Capture what matters


By capturing and reliving memories, we can help generations of humanity give more meaning to their lives, bring family and friends closer together and spark more empathy in the world.