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Digitisation Service

  • Photograph HK2.50/each
  • Photo AlbumHK$500/each (*Maximum of 200 photos)
  • Videotape HK$200/each
  • Digital Media HK$200/each
  • SlidesHK$6.00/each

Output Formats

  • Google Photos HK$80.00/each
  • USB Flash Drive HK$80.00/each

(*Must choose either one of the following output)

How Capture  Stand Out  From Other Competitors? 

High   Technical Standards

We've always been at the forefront of innovation, pioneering analogue media to USB and integrating Google Photos with digitisation. From touchless album scanning to our latest advancements, we continue to set the standard for other companies to follow.

fix broken videotape
barcode tracking system

Memories Are Safe & Sound

We understand how important preserving your memories are to you and your family. That is why we’ve developed a unique tracking system to show you exactly where your memories are when we get them.

What Our Customers Say

Scott Clare
9 days ago
my vhs tape from 1988 was handled expertly and transferred so quickly. i am bringing all my vhs tapes here
Lu Ku
9 days ago
Yin Lok Wong
16 days ago
very helpful and responsive, quality service
Leo Ip
16 days ago
staff quite helpful, feel comfortable
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