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Digitise CD to digital file format to preserve your pictures, home movies, and precious memories for future generations to enjoy forever.

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Premium Compact   Disc  Digitisation Service to Digitise Your Memories Forever

Capture is trusted by top brands like Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and CVS as the best service to digitise your CD collection.

Plus, we have a partnership with Google Photos, which makes it easy to store, archive, and preserve your compact disc pictures and family videos in your Google Photos Library.

CD discs are prone to scratches and loss of quality, so it’s important to digitise their photos and videos into high-quality digital format to ensure loved ones can enjoy your home movies and memories over and over.

Capture also offers the fastest CD-to-digital service in the industry! You will receive your digital copies and original CD collection in less than 14 days.

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What is the Capture CD to Digital Digitisation    Service?

While CDs are commonly used for music, in the early 2000s they were also a popular choice to digitise VHS home movies, videotapes, film, family photographs, and other nostalgic memories to digital format at places like Costco or Walmart.

Since CDs are a digital format, they were a better choice than analog alternatives at the time. But now, CD players and compatible DVD drives have become more obsolete and there are better digital options available. Not only that, but compact discs are easy to scratch, which can damage your precious memories.

Capture will digitise CD memories into digital format, including your home movies, videos, and photographs stored as data on compact discs. Our service is not designed for audio files or music CDs but we can preserve your memories as high-quality digital files that can be stored on your Mac or Microsoft computer, Apple iPhone, hard drive, or in the cloud on iCloud, Google Photos, or Dropbox.

Plus, having digital files of your CD memories allows you to easily share your memories with loved ones using social media or email for playback on applications like iTunes or Windows Media Player. Finally, when you digitise CD to digital, you can use video editing software to improve the quality or even combine old footage with new to create new memories to cherish.

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How Capture Can Transfer Photos and Videos in CDs to Modern Digital Format?

While your CDs won’t last forever, the photo and video memories contained in them can last for generations when you use our premium digitisation service. Digitise CD to digital in less than 14 days in three simple steps:

1.   Payment

Order online or at Capture Experience Center. Choose the media you want to digitise and the output format.

2. Drop Off Your Media

Bring your SD cards to Capture Experience Centre. Our Memory Specialists will check the quality and process your order.

3.  View and Share

Wait 1 to 2 weeks and you can view and share your memories on the Google Photos or USB!

What Options Can I Use to Digitise    CD to Digital?

There are several options for digitising your CD files into digital format including both DIY and done-for-you services.

If your computer already has a CD drive, then you can simply rip CDs and transfer the files straight to your computer's hard drive using software programs. Software options like Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning 2 are easy to use and can convert CD to digital formats like WAV files, WMA files, AAC files, and MP3 files for preferred playback. Some of these programs also offer additional features like the ability to rotate and crop photos or enhance sound. The problem is that these options usually compress files, which can compromise the quality of your digital memories.


  • Affordable (if you already have a CD drive)
  • Easy to use


  • Quality isn’t great (especially with compressed files)
  • Time-consuming because you can only transfer 1 CD at a time
  • May only work for some CDs

If your computer doesn’t have a compact disc drive, then you will have to use an external CD drive to connect to your computer to upload the files. While you can find options on Amazon for as little as US$20, be careful because they are often targeted at tech-savvy users. Furthermore, many are primarily designed to convert music into digital audio. While they are great for converting your music collection, they may not work as well for your photographs and home movies.


  • Faster than other options (can use a pop-up to drag and drop)
  • Affordable


  • May require some tech-savvy knowledge or tutorials
  • May lose quality, particularly with photos, videos, and larger file sizes
  • You still need a media and music player to view your CD memories

Capture CD to Digital Service

Capture offers a premium service to digitise your image and video-loaded CDs into digital memories in less than 30 days. We do everything by hand to ensure your compact discs are safe while we transfer your photos and videos into easily shareable digital files. With the option to turn your home movies and precious memories into a USB flash drive, DVD, or digital download format, you will soon be able to enjoy, share, and preserve your legacy for generations to come.


  • Affordable at $200 for each CD
  • Professional results are guaranteed or we will reprocess free of charge
  • Fast process in less than 7-14 days


  • We don’t enhance colours or improve the resolution of your home videos (but you can use video editing software to do so yourself!)
  • Only photo and video digitisation services offered (we cannot digitise music CDs)

What Makes Capture the Best CD  Digitise Service?

Trusted by Top Retail brands
We have exclusive partnerships with major retailer brands like Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and CVS.
State-of-the-Art Tracking and Security
By tracking your CDs every step of the way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your precious memories are in good hands.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you’re dissatisfied with the results, we will reprocess your CDs for free.
Google Photos Integration

Automatically digitise your digital copies to your Google Photos library.

Complimentary 30-Day Backup
We offer a complimentary 30-day backup of your digitised memory cards, so your memories are always safe and secure.
Professional Care
We handle your CDs with care while creating priceless digital copies that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

How Much Does It Cost to Digitise CDs?

How Much Does It Cost to Digitise CDs?

We price our CD digitisation services are $200 for each digital medium.

Plus, this pricing includes our 24/7 security, 30-day backup, efficient 7-14 day process, and our satisfaction guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a CD drive on your computer, you can use software or apps to transfer the files over. However, these programs are often targeted at tech-savvy customers, can be time-consuming, and may result in a loss of quality.

To digitise the files on your CDs to a USB flash drive, you will first have to rip music, videos, and photos onto your computer or hard drive. Then, you can digitise them to the USB. This is a time-consuming process, especially if you have many CDs to digitise.

Many CD ripping programs will automatically convert the audio files on your compact discs into MP3 files. It is important to note that this process may result in a loss of quality due to compression.

We do not digitise music files, but we will transfer your home movies complete with high-quality audio when we convert CDs to digital format.

To digitise your collection of home movies and family photos from CD format to a digital copy, you could spend anywhere from 3 minutes to an hour or more per CD. If you have dozens of CDs, you could end up spending several days digitsing them into digital format. Capture can complete the entire process for you and return your compact discs and digitised copies in less than 14 days.

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