Quickly Digitise    SD Card to Digital and Preserve Your Family's Memories​

Our SD card dIgitisation services can digitise your old memory cards into digital copies that can preserve your legacy for future generations to cherish.

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Premium Memory Card Digitisation Service to Digitise Your Memories Forever

Capture is the best digitisation service for all your old memory cards including SD, SM, MMC, CF xD picture cards, and USB flash drives, which is why we are trusted by major retailers like Costco, Walmart, and CVS.

Plus, we proudly work with Google Photos, which makes it easy to store, archive, and transfer data from memory cards straight into your Google Photos Library.

Old memory cards including the most popular SD and micro-SD cards have a theoretical 30-year lifespan, but factors like usage, humidity, heat, and more can start to degrade the memory card faster, compromising the internal storage that contains your precious memories.

With our memory card transfer services, you can convert all the data on your memory cards to preserve the photos, videos, and audio files for future generations to enjoy just as much as you do.

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Why Should You Digitise SD to Digital?

Digitising SD to digital images is an important process for many reasons including:

The lifespan of photos, slides, and negatives can vary. It depends on what they're made of, how they're stored, and how old they are. Slides and negatives tend to last longer than traditional photo prints but can still deteriorate over time. Photo prints can fade or yellow quickly if not stored properly.

Photo albums and shoeboxes full of photographs are susceptible to floods, fire, theft, and other catastrophes, but digital images can be saved and shared forever.

No matter how many memory cards or what type of memory cards you have, digital versions allow you to consolidate the data transfer and keep your audio, video, and image files all in one place with renaming, archiving, and other file manager features.

Instead of wasting space with memory cards, an SD card transfer can provide digital copies that can be kept on your Mac or Microsoft Windows computer, on a hard drive or flash drive, or in the cloud on iCloud, Google Photos, or Dropbox.

As media changes, future generations may not have access to a memory card reader, but when you digitize SD and other memory cards, you make it easy for all your loved ones to enjoy anywhere, anytime on their Android devices, Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, or even a Nintendo Switch.

You can share digital files with your loved ones on social media and email so they will never have to fight over the physical copies containing your priceless memories.

When you transfer SD memory card data to digital, you can instantly use platforms like Google Photos for advanced search, archive, and reminder features.

After you transfer photos, videos, and audio files from your memory cards, you can use editing software to enhance photos or even combine old footage with new SD card videos.

How Capture Digitises Old memory Cards to Digital Formats?

Capture can move files off your old memory cards and turn them into preserved digital heirlooms guaranteed to last a lifetime. Once we digitise files from your SD or other memory cards, you can use receive them as a digital download on Google Photos or a USB flash drive. Digitise your old memory cards in three easy steps:

1.   Payment

Order online or at Capture Experience Center. Choose the media you want to digitise and the output format.

2. Drop Off Your Media

Bring your SD cards to Capture Experience Centre. Our Memory Specialists will check the quality and process your order.

3.  View and Share

Wait 1 to 2 weeks and you can view and share your memories on the Google Photos or USB!

What Type of Content Can You Digitise    from SD and Other Memory Cards?



Pull and consolidate digital camcorder and memory card videos from internal memory



Digitise pictures including photos from digital cameras and other sources

What are the Options to Transfer    SD Cards to Digital?

You have a couple of options when it comes to SD card transfer. You can connect directly from a device with an SD card slot or use an external memory card reader to tap SD card files and move them to your operating system. Or you can use a major retailer or online SD card transfer service.

This option is simple because it uses the device that already has a SD card slot or other memory card reader. This could be your computer, digital camera, camcorder, music player, cellular phone, or any other device. If it’s external, you will have to connect with a USB cable. Then, you will get a pop-up asking if you want to tap, move files, and transfer to the computer’s hard drive.


  • Affordable
  • Easy
  • Requires basic computer knowledge


  • Time-consuming if you have multiple memory cards
  • May not be able to transfer all memory card types

On Amazon, you can get an affordable memory card reader, like the BENFEI model for US$14.99 that reads the most common memory card types, including SD, micro-SD, Memory Stick, and Compact Flash. These use a USB cable and adapters to connect to Samsung Galaxy phones, Androids, laptops, desktop computers, and other devices. Then, from the file explorer, you can simply drag and drop to transfer photos and other files. Then, you can eject the memory card and copy files for sharing or saving.


  • Many options will work for multiple memory card types
  • Easy to use
  • Faster than direct memory card transfer


  • May need multiple SD card readers to accommodate all memory card types
  • Might need an adapter for certain devices
  • Time-consuming because you can only transfer files from one memory card at a time

Major retailers are another good choice for digitising memory cards. Capture fulfills SD card transfer orders for many reputable brands including Costco, Walmart, and CVS, so you will get the same satisfaction guarantee, efficient service, and professional results you expect from us. However, sometimes with retailers, there are factors outside of our control.


  • Professional results
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Fast service


  • Price may fluctuate between different retailers
  • Not every location offers memory card transfer services
  • May not offer state-of-the-art tracking and security you get when working directly with Capture

As the best company to digitise your memory card photos, audio files, and videos, we take great pride in professional results guaranteed, or we will reprocess for free. Plus, you can rest assured by knowing exactly where your memory cards are 24/7 with our sophisticated tracking system. Finally, you will receive your original SD cards as well as your digital download on Google Photos, or USB flash drive within 7-14 days.


  • Affordable at $200 for each memory card
  • Professional results with a commitment to the careful handling and security of your memories
  • Fast process in less than 14 days


  • We do not enhance the colours or edit your original digital files or memory cards in any way (although you can use your own photo or video editing software to do so!)

What Makes Capture the Best SD Card Transfer Service?

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you’re dissatisfied with the results, we will reprocess your SD cards for free.
State-of-the-Art Tracking and Security
By tracking your memory cards every step of the way, you will know exactly where your memories are 24/7.
Trusted by Top Retail brands
Our secure Memory Cloud storage system guarantees only you have access to your memory card files.
Complimentary 30-Day Backup
We offer a complimentary 30-day backup of your digitised memory cards, so your memories are always safe and secure.
The Fastest Turnaround Time
You will receive your digital memories and memory cards within 14 days.
Google Photos Integration

Automatically digitise your digital copies to your Google Photos library.

What Types of Memory Cards Can Capture Digitise?

When we transfer your memory cards into digital format, you will receive a digital download plus any additional output options you select (USB or DVD).

Our SD card transfer services can digitise more than just SD cards and can accommodate the following types:

Multimedia Card (MMC)
Multimedia Card (MMC)
CompactFlash (CF)
CompactFlash (CF)
xD-Picture Card
xD-Picture Card
sd card

How Much Does A Memory Card Transfer Cost?

Our professional memory card digitisation services are $200 for each digital medium.

Plus, this pricing includes our 24/7 security, 30-day backup, efficient 7-14 day process, and our satisfaction guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each memory card reader is different and will be able to transfer different types of memory cards. Capture can transfer Secure Digital (SD), MiniSD, MicroSD, Multimedia Card (MMC), CompactFlash (CF), USB Drive, xD-Picture Card.

If your new phone has an SD card slot, then you can simply remove it from your old phone and insert it into the new phone. However, many phones can’t read SD cards. When this is the case, it depends on the type of phone you have, but by digitising with Capture, you get a digital download and integration with Google Photos that make the process easy no matter what.

If you want to do it yourself from your computer home screen or an external SD card reader, then it depends on the method you use, how much time you spend troubleshooting, and how many different memory cards you have. It could take anywhere from an hour to several days depending on those factors. With Capture, all you have to do is send them and then get your digital copies and old memory cards back in less than 14 days, guaranteed.

We can digitally transfer photos, audio files, and videos so you can preserve everything for future generations to enjoy.

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