Digitisation Service

 Digitise photographs at the highest quality
Customise the title and date for every folder
Secure and automated upload to Google Photos

Service Details

Image Format
Digitise each photograph to a JPEG file
Image Enhancement Technology
Glare removal & Colour correction
Uploaded to Google Photos Library or a USB flash drive
Complete within 1 to 2 weeks
Accepted Format
  • Black and white / colour
  • 2" X 2" up to 8" X 12"
  • Calendars with photos

Discover What Format You Have

2" X 2" up to 8" X 12"

How will a calendar be digitised?

What do we capture?

All photographs in the Calendar are captured. Text is excluded if it is not in the photograph

Photograph Cropping

Photographs will be cropped individually and we make sure that we capture as much of the image as possible

Full-page Digitisation

Full-page digitisation is also provided in case you want to digitise the whole page

*Each full-page digitisation is counted as an additional photograph

Have You Encountered These Problems?

Photos are faded, yellowed, damp or mouldy

Having all your media digitised then stored in the cloud, with a service like Google Photos, protects your media from being damaged and gives you easy access to your memories at anytime.


What our customers say

Order Discount

Below $1,000 /order (HKD) Regular​
$1,000 - $2,499 /order (HKD) 10% off
$2,500 or more /order (HKD) 15% off

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