The Frame

The Best Personalised Gift 

Transform your cherished analogue photo albums into a thoughtful and contemporary gift, perfect for surprising your parents and friends!

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The Frame

How   do we personalise The Frame to   make it special   for your loved ones?

With AI based facial recognition in create   two collection types

Star Collection

All of the digitised photos that contain a person or 'star' selected by the customer are preloaded onto The Frame.

Coming Soon

Album Collection

All the photos digitsed in the customer's order are preloaded onto The Frame.

Why  The Frame Bundle is a Complete Gift for you?​

The Frame Bundle

The Frame Bundle:

  • The Frame
  • The Bag (Include a free at-home pick-up of your photo albums)
  • The first photo album digitisation service (*Maximum of 200 photos)

The Frame Bundle is priced at HK$988 (Original price HK$1,738), offering exceptional value.

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Are you struggling to    bring numerous photo albums to the Capture Experience Centre?

Capture provides convenient at-home pick-up service. Once you have prepared your photo albums, simply schedule an appointment for the pick-up, and a courier  come to collect The Bag.

What is   unique about   The Frame?

View Your Photo Albums in a Whole New Way
  • 2.5D Glass
  • View 8000 digitised photos
  • Touchscreen
App Sharing from Anyone, Anywhere

Easily send photos to The Frame from anywhere using the app, regardless of your location.

Easy for Everyone

Once The Frame is powered on, you will review a continuous slideshow of new photos.

Image Enhancement Technology 

Glare removal and colour correction

Reasonable Price

Affordable at HK$988, The Frame Bundle include The Frame, a free digitised photo album, and complimentary delivery

Time and Weather at a Glance

Useful information are available alongside your photos.


 Aspect Ratio
 1280 x 800 pixels
 26.9 x 18.8 x 1.9 cm
 In-app Control

 WiFi connectivity with iOS and Android mobile apps

 10.1 inch touchscreen

Elevate Your Home Décor with The Digital Frame

Living room

The Frame offers endless possibilities for enhancing your living space. Whether you choose to place it in your living room, bedroom, or any other area of your home, it effortlessly adds a touch of elegance and personalisation.

Why Should You transfer    Photos to Digital?

There are many reasons to digitise photos:

The lifespan of photos, slides, and negatives can vary. It depends on what they're made of, how they're stored, and how old they are. Slides and negatives tend to last longer than traditional photo prints but can still deteriorate over time. Photo prints can fade or yellow quickly if not stored properly.

Photo albums and shoeboxes full of photographs are susceptible to floods, fire, theft, and other catastrophes, but digital images can be saved and shared forever.

Digital copies offer organizational features so you can rename, archive, and add additional information.

Photo albums, photo prints, scrapbooks, and shoeboxes of photographs take up a lot of space, but you can store them in digital format on your computer, a hard drive, a USB flash drive, or in the cloud (via iCloud, Google Photos, or Dropbox).

When you have preserved digital photo albums, your loved ones won’t have to fight over the physical copies of your family memories to enjoy them for decades to come.

It is much easier to share digital photos across the world with anybody using email and social media.

By digitising your photo albums and loose photographs and uploading them to platforms like Google Photos, you can immediately benefit from advanced search, archive, and reminder features

When we create digital photos from your precious memories, we use innovative retouching and color correction tools, so your old photos look as good as they can be. Plus, with your own photo editing software and image enhancement tools, you can improve and edit digital photographs the way you want.

Album scanning

How do  Capture  digitise the photo album?

Capture HK digitise the entire album without the need to remove photos. We use auto-cropping technology which makes the scanning process incredibly convenient, efficient, and safe, setting us apart as industry leaders

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How can I place an order for The Frame Bundle?

1.  Order Online

Place an order online. You have the option to either pick-up The Frame in-store or choose local express delivery with cash on delivery. The courier will send you The Frame Bundle include a digital frame, and The Bag.

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2. Schedule a Door-to-Door Pickup

Once you prepared the photo album, you need to schedule an appointment for the pickup, the courier will visit your home to collect The Bag. All collected media will then be securely delivered to Capture.


3.   Receive Digital Copies

We’ll keep you updated about the scanning process and when we finish the scanning process, you receive high-quality digital versions of your wonderful photographs as well as the original albums.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the moment, we do not offer the option to purchase The Frame separately.

Yes, you can include a maximum of 200 photos in the photo album.

From The Frame Bundle, can I include additional photo album digitisation service?

Yes, the additional photo album digitisation service is available at HK$500 per album, with maximum of 300 photos in the photo album.

Capture can scan photos from 2” x 2” to 8” x 12”.

We accept albums of all sizes up to 14” by 14” and can preserve photos of any size within an album or scrapbook.

No, we can also digitise Super 8 film, slides, VHS tapes, Betamax videotapes, MiniDV home movies, film reels, and more!

What our customers say

joey asuka
joey asuka
6 天前
Excellent conversion quality and good service. Highly recommended if you have got some old tapes and you want to revitalise them!
Yin Lok Wong
Yin Lok Wong
21 天前
very helpful and responsive, quality service
Joseph Ng
Joseph Ng
1 個月前
Digitalised my wedding videos here. Great service. Professional and courteous. Would highly recommend.
Felix Chan
Felix Chan
1 個月前
Excellent service
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The   Frame   Bundle    Pricing

The Frame Bundle  Pricing

HK$988/ bundle*

Additional Photo Album Digitisation   Pricing   

  • HK$500/ album
    (*Maximum of 200 photos)
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