At Capture, we are committed to making a positive impact in our community. That's why we proudly support the fundraising efforts of the Chinese International School through our valuable gift card.

With the HKD $280 gift card, you are able to digitise 100 photos or 1 videotape, including Google Photos or USB Flash drive upload. 

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Photograph Digitisation  Service

remove photo glare

Glare removal

Even your photos are in albums, we can remove the glare without taking them out of the albums.

photo digitisation before after comparison

Best colour 

Utilising our AI technology, our Memory Specialist will restore the best colours of your photos.

accept a wide range of photos to digitise

Formats   accepted

We accept a wide range of photos in different formats including photos in black and white, photos in small size (2'' X 2''), photos in big size (8'' X 12'') .

Before After Comparison

Videotape Digitisation Service

vhs before digitisation

Quality checking  and fixing

Our memories specialist will do quality checking on your videotapes and get your approval if we need to fix your videotape without any charges.

videotape after digitisation on ipad

Bring back your memories

We activate and unlock your videotapes. Bring back the memories that you almost forget and strengthen the connection with your families and friends.

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